Warrior Babes The Second

Kora's Place


The girl that owns the inn
More to her though
Has a secret identity
A follower of Artemis
Quite a beauty
Her life's not her own
Payment for Artemis saving her
Has a sister named Chloe who's quite a hoot

No dinars. No dinner. Cora
No shirt. No feet. No service. Cora
Alone Iolaus with you? Ok sneak into the academy barn and crawl into the hay loft, close your eyes and dream on. Kora
Not all girls are impressed by money and a future king.
Try dishes that don't break so butter fingers doesn't keep breaking them.

If you don't show up on the first day of your job you're fired.
Don't sample the food even if you're a waiter.
We already have a cute gimmick it's called serving the customers.
If the door is chained that's a pretty good sign the place is closed.
Favors tend to be free of charge.
If something goes wrong Iolaus's responsible.
Wash your hands before handling food.
Satyrs are really bad for business not to mention the fact that they are lousy tippers.
Big, hairy, smelly goats don't care about parsley and festive food.
That food belongs to me. If a single bite of it is eaten. If one piece of fruit is bruised. You'll pay for it with your lives. Artemis
Running an inn is hard work.
A melon isn't always a melon since it could be filled with dinars.
Where's aspirin when you need it?
Party Planning
Don't forget extra cream pies when planning a party.
Don't forget the Borkabobs because everyone loves 'em.
Sometimes you just need to walk away while the guys argue.
Leave when things get too hairy like a fight breaks out.
My Money Maker
It's made from dried beans from Ethiopia. You grind the beans up then you boil it in water. No, no because after it's boiled you throw the ground beans away and you drink the water. Well you add milk first and hey cinnamon is a good idea.
Sometimes it's best to give a sample instead of trying to explain.

All work and no play keeps the restaurant open.
So are you going to buy something or are you just wasting space? Kora
If you need both hands free use a guy's head as a stand.
Running A Restaurant Tips
 1. There's more to it than joking around with the customers.
 2. You don't let six people leave without giving them a check.
 3. You need to show a little more responsibility.
 4. Good service is key.
 5. Some things aren't worth the effort.
 6. Don't run the customers away.
7. Make room for the band.
 8. Don't insult the customers because they tend to not come back if you do.
 9. It's important that you know math or have someone else do that part so you don't end up ripping off customers.
10. Only the owner of the place gets to change the menu.
11. Don't promise food you don't have and swordfish doesn't taste like chicken because only chicken tastes like chicken.
12. Don't play with the dishes because they can very easily break which means dinars are lost because they will have to be replaced.
It's not easy when your sister breezes into town and all anyone talks about is her and it's like you don't even exist.
Hey if the guy is chopping let him do his little dance.
Why don't you carve a sculpture it'll last longer? Kora
Well if you can't beat them join them.
Tight leather pants should be against the law. Kora
If hitting the big guy in the gut has no effect stomp on his foot.
Pledged to Artemis because she saved her life if she gets the golden bow back she is released from her vow.
Power Of The Huntress
Artemis I call on you for the spirit of the Huntress.
If a man touches a follwer of Artemis he must pay with his life.
Great Artemis I call upon you to receive this gift your sacred bow returned to you so that my life can return to me as promised.
I offer a warning. To leave my service is not a casual request. Are you certain that you no longer need my help? Then let it be so. Artemis
Changed Her Mind
Artemis I was wrong I need you. Please take me back. Give me the power of the Huntress. I serve the will of Artemis.
Under The Power Of The Huntress Factoids
1. She is homicidal about being touched so guys hands off.
2. She has heightened senses.
3. She is able to turn invisible.
4. Her life isn't her own so she can't have friends or even fall in love.
Hunting should be about feeding your family not showing off. Kora
Hunting for sport is wrong. Kora
The Goddess of the Hunt has certain places and certain creatures that are special to her. Kora
Golden hinds are the gentlest and rarest of creatures they're almost extinct and they're Artemis's favorites. Kora
Golden hinds don't like being touched by humans.
No life should be taken casually. Kora
Men aren't allowed in the Temple of Artemis in Cinnaca.