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Selenay Washu Mageworth
Age: 13
Looking for pals: 11-16
Pals that live in Long Beach and Huntington Beach (CA)
Looking for Spikes. In other words she wants to hear from the XY's.
I am currently half vampire. That is not my real name. I like to read books. I have one older sibling. I hate the taste of human blood. I do not believe in chain mail. I like ZZtops and Morcheeba.
or you can find her at www.runescape under Selenay
19 Nina Court
Hamilton, Ontario L8W3 B8
Age: 13
Looking for pals: 13-14
Looking for guy and girl pals.
Would like to hear from other people in Hamilton but anywhere is fine. I have short layered golden brown hair, green eyes. I'm 13. I'm average height for my age. I like swimming, reading, listening to music, chatting online, playing basketball and baseball, and tons more. If you want to contact me, mail me at my mailing address.
Nicole Gribble
Age: 15
Age Range Of Pals: 14-16
She is looking for pals in Laredo Texas.
She wants to hear from Spikes and Drus. In other words guys and girls are welcome.
Favorite Characters: Faith, Willow, Angel, Buffy, and Xander
I love Eliza. All I have to say is Buffy and Angel kick ass.

Age: 19
Age Range: 18-25
State: California
Wants To Hear From Guys
I am kind of a goth mix with a vampire type of thing. I love many things that have to do with vampires if I could or if I had the chance I would be a vampire.
Lisa Bartleson
Age: 16
Age Range: 16+
Only wants to hear from girls.
She loves all the characters from Buffy and Angel.
I watch Buffy and Angel all the time. She watches just to see Spike. (And who can blame her especially when his shirt is off.)
Age: 14
Age Range: 13-14
She wants to hear from Spike and Dru lovers.
Hi I'm 14 years old and my name is Jessica. I live in Wales and let's just say that I've always wanted a pen pal that I can be a laugh and stuff. I also have a boyfriend but that doesn't stop us  from having a friendly talk. Anyway the point is I would love to chat with anyone so get in touch ok bye guys.
Age: 29
Age Range: 18-35
He wants to hear from Spike and Dru lovers.
Dark Angel
Age: 22
Age Range: 20-29
It doesn't matter which city or state you come from.
Wants to hear from the XY's.
I'm 5' 2" with brown eyes. I'm Hispanic. I have bloody red hair and weigh about 150. I'm looking for somebody really cool to talk to.