Warrior Babes The Second
Angel Investigations 5


A New Place
A new place to work
No more hotel
An evil law firm
Under their control
But of course there are strings
To keep it running
Evil has to stay there
A balance of sorts
Pick and choose
A surprise was found
In the mail
Out popped the fabulous accessory
Last seen he was wearing it
He was reformed in the office
Fred On Her Lab
Have you seen my lab it's giganamous and I'm in charge. I don't even understand half of what they're doing. There's this machine six feet tall that makes this noise whoompa whoompa pptt. Not a clue.

In Between
Sacrificed himself
To save the world
Popped out of the mail
Still a vampire
Charged at Angel
Got an unpleasant surprise
Passed right through him
Can't touch anything
But still big with the insults
Tied to the place
Something to do with the amulet
Needs to figure it out
Wants to be solid again
Spike Rants
You can't keep her from me. Says you. You got no idea what we had. More than y ou, you pouncey...I must be in Hell. Got that right. What have you done to me? What is this place? Who are you people? What the bloody hell is happening?
Fred's Findings On Spike
Weird I'm getting electromagnetic readings consistent with spirtual entities but there's no ectoplasmic matrix. Ectoplasm is what makes ghosts visible to people. Technically we shouldn't be able to see him. And I'm detecting brain wave activity. Also ghosts generally absorb light and heat energy making the area around them a few degrees cooler. Spike's radiating heat. Lukewarm just above room temperature.
Ectoplasm: A ghostly substance believed by spirtualists to issue from a medium who is communicating with spirits.
Fred On Why Spike's Back
Maybe he's here for a reason. You know some higher purpose or soemthing he's destined for. Sent to us by the Powers That Be to help us or...
Spike Rants Some More
Who gave them the bloody right to do that? Can't a man die in peace without some high almighty deciding it's not his time. Let's have a little more fun with him eh. You'd think that saving the soddin world would be enough to earn me a rest. You'd think...Hmm. Oh balls.

Spike's Thoughts
You this is your fault. You brought the ruddy amulet to Sunnydale. You would have been the one to use it until you chickened out. You heard me. You left town in the nick of time didn't you before the death and mayhem, abandoned the woman you claimed to love. And this bloody hell wasn't mine. I'm not you. I don't give a piss about atonement or destiny. Just because I got me a soul doesn't mean that I'm gonna allow myself to be led around...Or maybe Captain Forehead was feeling a little less special. didn't like me crashing his exclusive club. Another vampire with a soul in the world.
Spike On Angel's New Job
Look at you this what you do now delegate the dirty work to spineless low level flunkies. The mighty hero reduced to a bloody bureacrat. If a certain Slayer could see you now. Gladly it's a cruel enough punishment being stuck here as a spook while you play Chairman of the Boring.
Spike's Problem
Hey I'll root for anyone with half a chance of taking you down a notch. You are you pounce you're my problem. You got it too good. You're king of a thirty floor castle with all the cars, comfort, power, and glory you could ever want and here I save the world, throw myself on the proverbial hand grenade for love, honor, and all the right reasons and what do I get? Bloody well chosen to be a ghost is what I get innit? It's just not fair.
Spike Shares With Fred
I'm slippin. I don't want to go. But it's like, it's like the ground underneath me is splitting open and my legs are straddling both sides of this bloody big chasm. It's getting wider pulling me in. I know what's down there. Where it's gonna take me and it's not the place heroes go not by a bloody long shot. It's the other one full of fire and torment and it's happening and I'm terrified. Help me.

Taking a run in the park
She gets brutally attacked
Reached her too late
She was scratched
Two more moons to go
Disturbing visions she sees
Not knowing what's happening
Wanting to help her out
Locked up for protection
She was stolen away
Nearly becoming dinner
Adjusting to a new life
Permanent invite to Angel's place
Locked away safe and sound
Spike's Lie About Wesley
(Hello you never met him before you popped in)
No. I can't. We got a history him and me. It was a long time ago. He was a young Watcher fresh out of the academy and we crossed paths. It was a what you call a battle of will blood was spilled and debts were sworn it was a whole....
Spike's Thoughts
If you find here before she turns. Catch her after she goes all growlie it won't be easy taking her out. I had a wee spat myself once. We fought for over an hour brutal, viscious, I almost lost one...

The Struggle
Being sucked down
Struggling to stay around
Disturbing images appear
Unable to be seen
He tries to figure it out
Faced with the Reaper
A real boogie man
One of sheer evil
Evading Hell for centuries
A choice before him
Become solid or save a life
Gave up his one chance
Doesn't regret it
Proof that he's worth saving
Able to touch things now

Fred's Thoughts On Spike's Condition
That totally makes sense. The fluctuations in your readings. Lack of partical cohesion. It's almost as if your essence is straddling a dimensional void which may be the key assuming that the amulet you used to save the world was some sort of transreality amphlifier capable of focusing massive quanities of mystical energy. It means that if I can defy most of the laws of nature there's a good chance I'll be able to achor you to this plane. and make you corporeal.
Angel On Prophecies And Hell
Except for one small catch the prophecy's a bunch of bull they all are. Nothing's written in stone or fated to happen Spike. You save the world you end up running an evil law firm. (Or playing Casper with one foot in the fryer.) Do you think any of it matters the things we did. The lives we destroyed that's all that's ever gonna count. So yeah surprise you're going to Hell. We both are. 

Monster Mash
Strange things happen
Wanting to have some fun
A big Halloween party
Had his sleep removed
Things out of his mouth
Start coming true
Two drunks without booze
Livening things up
Staking out his territory
He starts peeing everywhere
Sex with the enemey
Things not looking so good
A very positive spook vamp
An evil twin on the loose
Not looking too pretty
Angel On Bathing
No releasing just bathing it's what one does after bashing open a demonic pinanta full of rancid Tabasco.

How Angel Is Doing
I don't know how to answer that question. I I I don't know. Good. Bad. I've spent years doing everyting good to bring this company down now I'm the CEO and I have to question every move I make because any one of them could be exactly what the Senior Partners want so no I have no idea what's going on.
Wesley's Thoughts On The Lorne Double And The Killing
That thing I think it was a manifestation of Lorne's subconscious. It peeled away from his mind using Lorne's supernatural powers to punch its way into our world. I don't think it was. It may have just been processing conflicts that Lorne normally deals with in his sleep. Acting out of emotional responses he has to the people around here.

Spike's Thoughts On Angel Being Disconnected
Are you serious? Here you are finally living the piece of the high life. New clothes. New cars. My old tumble fetching you tasty snacks and what's your grip? I feel disconnected. You wanna feel disconnected try being a bloody ghost for a bit. Try bobbing around with no touch, taste, or smell. Not many fates worse than that I'd wager.

The Number Brothers
Mexican wrestlers (luchadores) the greatest that ever lived. Together we were known as Los hermanos numeros. It was a different time that no longer exists. We were great warriors in the ring. Great heroes. Children worshipped us. Women loved us. Men wanted to be us. In all the years we fought we never lost, never quit, never compromised. We were the best. But not all our battles were in the ring. You need to understand that we were more than just luchadores. No one else cared about Mexicans or Chicanos so we protected our own. The five of us were always joined, always connected. And when necessary we came together as a fist. We fought monsters and gangsters, vampiros. We were heroes. We protected the weak and we helped the helpless. We spent every waking hour together. We fought hard. We played hard. Brothers in the truest sense. Never jealous. Never bickering. Those were the happiest days of my life. What you are failing to see my friend is that we had to be ever vigilant, ready for action at a moment's notice. Surely you have heard about our greatest victory over the Great Devil's Robot. Nobody remembers the good stuff.
What can I say about a demon who killed the poeple that mattered most to me? I know know, can't remember. Do not misunderstand me after my brothers were killed I tried to carry on, tried to help people but after a while the phone stopped ringing. The people went away until one night when the man walked in. He said his company could use a young man with my abilities. I needed a job they needed muscle. I knew that Wolfram & Hart was everything my brothers despised. But what did I care. Nothing mattered after I buried them behind San Conculio. Every year on Dia De Los Muertos I prepared this altar for them. And every year they never come, never visit because I am not worthy. But it does not matter anymore not after this year. I should have died with my brothers.
Angel's Stirring Speech
You made a difference in the lives you saved. And you did it because it was the right thing to do. Nobody asks us to go out and fight, put our lives on the line. We do it because we can, because we know how. We do it whether other people remember or not in spit of the fact that there's no shiny award at the end of the day other than the work itself. I think some part of you still knows that, still believes in being a hero.
Feeling out of sorts
With a stroke of a pen
A loss of a little blood
Signed all in ruby red
Does a lot of good
But it's not enough
Needs to be out there
Not his way of doing things
Giving some good advice
That he should heed
A new way to do things
Rejected by the demon
Taking heroes hearts
Didn't want his
Heart not in the work
Continues doing his thing
Not believing in prophecies
Needs hope to sustain him
Trying to recapture that missing piece

Hurt during a figth
Words a bit harsh
Colored by the past
Something not remembered
A familiar face appears
But things not as they appear
Wearing a dad suit
Trying to steal Angel's will
Snatching away the staff
One he loves in danger
Fires his gun repeatedly
Just a cyborg is found
But feeling it was truly him
Needing to talk he places a call
Lorne On Wes' "Dad"
Look at you it's like Winston Churchill and a young Richard Harris had a beautiful love child which according to my sources may not be as ridiculous as it sounds.
Lorne Keeps Dad Company
So I am covered in cherries. The police are just pounding on the door and Judy Dench starts screaming, "Oh that's way too much to pay for a pair of pants."

Mail came for him
Out came a bright flash
He's solid once again
With a taste of nose blood
He grabs the mug to drink
Things thrown off balance
Everyone going crazy
With tears of blood
Race for the cup
To make things right
No idea who it's for
They fight it out
For the Cup of Torment
Drank from it and got a surprise
It was Mountain Dew and a fake
Left doubts in the other
Not so sure anymore
About the prophecy being about him
William On Dru
She brought me into this world where I was meant to be like she's my destiny. She's not...She's just...It's like she's still got a bit of a child in her.
She's his destiny
Laughing at him
Realizing the truth
Just a play thing
His for the taking
Two buddies sour
Never the same again
A gruding respect
Unleashed a monster
Helped shape him
Spike's Thoughts
Well that's just it I am. You had a soul forced on you as a curse to make you suffer for all the horrible things you'd done. But me I fought for my soul went through the demon trials. Almost did in a dozen times over but I kept fighting because I knew it was the right thing to do. It's my destiny.
Spike's Thoughts
Come on hero tell me more. Teach me what it means and I'll tell you why you can't stand the bloody sight of me. Cause every time you look at me you see all the dirty little things I've done, all the lives I've taken because of you. Drusilla sired me but you made me a monster. You never knew the real me. Too busy trying to see your own reflection. Praying that there was something so disgusting as you in the world so you could stand to live with yourself. Take a long look hero I'm nothing like you. I guess that means she was thinking about you all those times I was putting it to her.
Sinister Plot
Link to the Senior Partners
Always popping up
But she has an agenda
Unknown to all
Plotting with an ex employee
Who went off for parts unknown
So much for the singing thing
Her placed protected by magicks
The same on him as well
Lindsey is back for vengeance
With his accomplice Eve
You're wrong we're forever Drusilla and me. William

Best seat in the office
Out for her blood
A plan comes to mind
Frame the ditzy girl
Dead body in her bed
Drugged her drink
Spiked her blood
Took advantage of an opening
Out to stake her
So she can take her place
Onto the desk she landed
Smack dab in the conference
Stake in hand she struck
An acceptable sacrifice on both sides
Her job is saved and so is her neck
Saved the day and she had to get coffee

Not feeling right
Dreams of him
A change in destiny
Only one can Shanshu
Try to turn it around
In a strange dream state
A demon sucking away
Outside forces wreaking havoc.
Spike Saves The Girl
Well what do you expect out alone in this neighborhood. I have half a mind to kill you myself you halfwit. I mean honestly what kind of retard wears heels like that in a dark alley? Take two steps you break your bloody ankle. Get a cab you moron. And on the way if a stranger offers you candy don't get in the van. Stupid cow.
Please you can't throw a bloody stone in this town without hitting some bimbo in trouble.
Spike On Wolram & Hart
You give reports. You sign checks. You read memos. Here's to the corporate teat.
A place like that doesn't change. Not from the inside. Not from the out. Sign on there it changes you. Puts things in your head. Spin your compass needle around so you can't cross the street without tripping the proverbial old lady and stepping on the glass.
And the compass needle keeps spinning. And the world gets murkier and murkier.

Good news came
Just when needed
She's awake
Wanting to quit
Unsure of his path
Needed some guidance
A dose of Cordy
One needing help
An old enemy
Emerging from the past
Battled the bad guy
A tiny Texan no less
Set back on track
Received the news
A loved one's passing
Granted a favor
Allowed to pop in
Spike Recovers From His Ordeal
You made the biggest mistake of your life, and I'm gonna make you pay. Oh, yeah. Feel my wrath gorilla throwing barrels. Bloody hell.
Politeness Is Key
Really should knock on a bloke's door especially one that's got no qualms about killing trespassers.
Angel's Sacrifice
They don't remember him. It's part of my agreement to take this job. The Senior Partners altered reality. They gave Connor a life, a real family, a childhood. Something I could never give him. He's got no memories of us. And no one remembers him. Except me and you. And Eve for some reason. He was about to kill you. And himself. He was so torn up. I didn't have any other way to stop him, any way to help him. Connor's happy now.

The Past
A familiar face appears
Back in trying times
Tough decision was made
Sent on a mission
Doing his very best
Nearly all the crew lost
On the verge of dying
No one else to turn to
He gave that eternal kiss
The one and only done
While having a soul
Kept his word made long ago
Dusted him as promised
Saved his friends from losing their heads
The War Effort 1943
You ever considered joining the war effort. Well, that's a shame. Times like these, we can use all the able bodied men we can get. Everybody's gotta do his part. That's all I'm sayin'. Doenitz has been kickin' the holy hell out of us in the Atlantic. Allies are losin' up to a hundred ships a month to his U-boats. Their damn submarines are faster, stronger and more powerful than anything we've got in the water. Say what you will about the Krauts, them sons of bitches know how to build a boat. Up till now, we haven't had much luck figuring out what makes 'em tick, two days ago our boys managed to capture what appears to be  a T-class German Prototype submarine. Yes, it is. Unfortunately, when they were bringin' it back here, something went wrong. Late last night, we received fragments of a distress call. Something was on that ship. Have you ever heard dying men screaming for their lives, Angel? That sub's stuck in hostile territory, and we need it if we're gonna win this war. Down too deep to send divers. Pressure cold' kill a man.
On Our Radar
I represent a relatively new agency, Demon Research Initiative. And we think that you might be the solution to our little problem. We don't particularly care. We figure we strap enough weight to you, you will sink, regardless of your interests.
We need that sub, and we need you to deal with what's on it.
We had our intelligence investigate the submarine's cargo manifest.
We think we know what attacked our boys.
Military Jargon
Under Naval op 4 zero 7, I'm supposed to issue your orders: Charlie Baker Ovum Victor
Verification: Nautilus.
Lawson Comes Back
Easy now. That's double-ought wire wrapped around your crew's necks. Take a fella's head clean off with just a little tug. Best not go roughhousing. Something might get knocked over. Already getting it. The worry in your eyes, fear of what might happen next, which is right on the mark, I got a funny feeling there's gonna be some blood spilled tonight. For old times' sake.
Spike Wants A Turn And To Be Captain
Come on when am I gonna get a turn? I'm playing nice with the anchovies, like you asked. At least let me have a go at the wheel.
Oh, pipe down. That official sailor talk, isn't it? Well, ahoy matey. You can just swab my deck. Captain. I want to be called Captain. I mean, hell, I did eat him.
The Prince Of Lies
You think I don't know! I am as ancient as the darkness itself. They dare conceive such violations upon my temples! The Prince of Lies is not a slab of meat to be set upon by insignificant maggots. I will suck the brain from your skull and digest your thoughts like a sour pudding.
Nazi Research
Something about stimulation and control. They've been experimenting on them and cutting into their brains.
That's what got the Prince's coronet into a twist, isn't it? Found out you were gonna pop our tops and melon ball us.
Spike On Vamp Army
Yeah explains why they nicked us. Cream of the crop. Wanna build a army of vampire slaves, you start at the top with the generals.
Spike's Merry Tune
God save the King
Send him victorious
Happy and glorious
Lawson On Life And Death
Funny what goes through a man's mind when his life's hanging in the balance. Boys talked about that a lot back on the boat. Always figured it'd be the special moments you freeze in time. Your mom singing you to sleep at night. Sneaking into the movies with your best friend. The way your girl's hair shimmers in the sun. But the truth is the only thing that really goes through your head is, "Wow this really sucks." And then you're gone. Did they at least torture you? Please tell me they did.

Wee Little Puppet
A man on the job
Wanting to work on a case
He went into the Don't Room
Come out quite changed
Turned into a puppet
Now made of felt
Along with a removeable nose
Nearly eaten by monster girl
In quite a grouchy state
Beats on the bad guys
Felt and stuffing flies
All the kids will be fine
Back to flesh and bone
Takes a few days
Makes a move and asks the girl out
Wes Gives Angel Some Advice
Are you blind? Angel there are things called signals odorless  yess, invisible certainly but unmistakeable, like the ones she's been casting your way for months.
99.999 Ad infinitum percent of the best relationshiops in the recorded history of the world have had to make do with acceptable.
Angel's Thoughts
Because I'm not that guy. That guy is charming and funny and emotinally usefull. I'm the guy in the dark corner with the blood habit and the 200 years of psychic baggage.
Wes' Advice
If there's a woman out there who you find truly attractive, who you think about, let's say most of the time, who represents even part of what you think makes the world worth fighting for and who doesn't view you as an entirely sexless shoulder to lean on, you have to do something about it. 
Angel Shares
I'm not very good at any of this. I've spent so much time worrying about the past and and the future and my very complicated life. It's been a while since I've looked up and really saw what was going on around me. It's not my strong suit, you know? But I'm working on it. I'm paying better attention to...

Tragedy Strikes
Things going so well
Love is in the air
Finally a twosome
Things coming together
An unexpected delivery
Blased with air
Seemed to be fine
Making some plans
All went south
Blood came gushing out
Knew it was very bad
Alone with him
Didn't leave her side
Watched her slip away
Although she tried to fight it
But something else emerged
To take her place
Fred Goes On Her Own
I know, and I have a nice room, and I could meet a nice boy, and we could get married and live in my nice room, and have sweet little babies that can sleep in the drawer. Daddy I love you like pancakes but I'm gettin' the hell outta here. It's Los Angeles the city of angels remember?
Daddy's Take On LA
And if you meet one angel there, I'll eat the dogs. Bunch of junkies and spoilt movie actors, that's who you're gonna meet.
Fred's Goal
I'm gonna learn every damn thing they know up there and then figure out some stuff they don't. And I'll be careful. I'll even be dull, boring. Cross my heart.
Spike's Thoughts
It's bollucks Angel! Your brand of bollucks from first to last. I am talking about something primal! Like savagery, brutal animal instinct!
Spike On Human Evolution
Into a bunch of namby pamy, self analyzying wankers who could never hope to overcome aggressive...
Fred's Joke
It's my boys. Haven't had this many big strapping men at my bedside since that night with the Varsity Lacrosse team. That was a joke.
I've fought plenty of mummies and none of them were as pretty as you. Almost none. Spike
Lorne Gets Tough
And here's one more thing Winifred Burkle once told me, after a sinful amount of Chinese food and in lieu of absolutely nothing, "I think a lot of people would choose to be green Your shade, if they had the choice." If I hear one note, one quarter note that tells me you had any involvement these two won't even had time to kill you. Oh, and anything by Diane Warren will also result in your death well, except Rhythm Of The Night.
Lorne On Eve's Future
Her future's not too bright but well nothing's written in stone lately but if I was about to face your future I'd make like Carmen Miranda and die.
Not The Damsel In Distress
I have to work. I am I am not the damsel in distress. I am not some case. I have to work this. I've lived in a cave for five years in a world where they killed my kind like cattle. I am not going to be cut down by some monster flu. I am better than that. What a wonder how very scared I am.
Fred's Pick
She was such a little girl that one did not expect to see such a look upon her small face. It would have been an old look for a child of twelve, and Sara Crewe was only seven. The face, was however, that she was always dreaming and thinking odd things and could not herself remember any time when she had not been thinking things about grownup people and the world they belonged. She felt as if she had lived a long, long time.
Spike's Fed Up
Yeah, it's been freed why do you think we're here? And what's your favorite color? What's your favorite song? Who's the goalkeeper for Manchester United and how many fingers am I holding up? You want to kill me, try. I don't have time for your quirks.
Spike's Deep Thoughts
This goes all the way through to the other side. So I figure there's a bloke somewhere around New Zealand standing on a bridge like this one looking back down at us. All the way down. There's a hole in the world. Feels like we ought to have known.
I've loved you since I've known you. No, that's not I think maybe even before. Wes

Wesley's Grief And Reasoning
If you stay here you'll taste if every day, every second. Look humans rule the earth. In the last four millenia. Like roaches crawling everywhere growing and sweating and puking their feeligns all over you. Go back. Sleep until the humans are gone. They are stupid and weak. They'll kill each other off. And you can return to the world you deserve. Leave this shell.
Spike On Tiny Bottles
Can't even get drunk. Why would anyone make a bottle this small? It's inhuman. It's like a bloody tease. It's like here's what a bottle of Jack would look like if you actually had one. Or here's a drink but it's very far away.
Wesley's Sorrow
There is no Fred anymore. I watched it gut her from the inside out. Everything she was is gone. There is nothing left but a shell.
Angel's Theory
Fred's soul is out there somewhere. We'll find it, put it back where it belongs. Then we'll make every son of a bitch who had a hand in this pay. We all on the same page?
I've been unreasonable because I've lost all reason. But I should be taking it out on you. I know you've done everything you can. Wesley
Angel's Thoughts
We know what you are Illyria. We've seen the rest of your kind. All the Old Ones sealed away forever. Like you were. Where you should have stayed. You've taken something of ours something very precious. Stand down and I promise we won't destroy you taking it back. Your choice?
Wes On Fred
She was curious. That's why Fred didn't put it into containment immediately. How things work. What makes them special. She was always searching for what other people couldn't see. She was just curious. I think I hate her for that.
Wes' Understanding
I understand not wanting to go back, not wanting to be who we were. I understand it. And I can forgive it. But you knew what was happening to her. You knew who was responsible and you didn't say anything. You let her die. I'm less forgiving about that.
Nothing is all right! Nothing will ever be all right. No we won't. Fred's soul Fred's soul was destroyed resurrecting Illyria.
Angel's Confession
At the Well in England there was a way to save Fred but only if thousands of others died in her place. As much as I love Fred I couldn't let that happen.
Gunn's Reasoning
Because I was weak. Because I wanted to be somebody that I wasn't. 'Cause I don't know where I fit. 'Cause I never did. 'Cause a thousand other reasons that don't mean a dman 'cause she's gone. She's gone. She's not coming back because of me. I did this and I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Protector Of All Humans
You're about as low as it gets Knox but you're part of humanity. That isn't always pretty. But it's a hell of a lot better than what came before. And if it comes to a choice between you and him then yes I'd fight for his life just like any other human because that's what makes us...Were you even listening?
Spike's Staying
It's what she would have wanted. It's what I want. I don't really like you. Suppose I never will. But this is important what's happening here. Fred gave her life for that. The least I could do is give what's left of mine. The fight's coming Angel. We both feel it. And it's gonna be a hell of a lot bigger than Illyria. things are gonna get ugly. That's where I live.

In utter despair
Feeling all alone
In his hospital room
Having to live with what he'd done
Knowing the score
He leads them to Lindsey
Needing some answers
Knew the price to pay
Put the necklace on
And took his place
Spike's Input
Welcome to the planet. We all paint on our happy faces every day and all we really want is to pound the neighbor's missus, steal the Ben Franklin while we're at it not think about the third of the world that's starving.
Lorne's Thoughts
What do I think? I think I'm tired. I think I'm sick and tired of wearing bells on my toes and making like everything is gonna be ok. I think it's pathetic that lately I'm too scared and sad to tell people the truth so I just say what they want to hear instead. Most of all I think the term Happy Hour should be banned from the English language. There's nothing happy about this hour or any other. What I know is I started drinking the moment that I found out that a girl I loved was gonna die. And every time I get to the bottom of the glass I hope that last drop is gonna take me the distance. A simple plan that failed utterly which is why I'm gonna heave my tookus off this stool strap the bells on and with a smile and a quip go back into the belly of a very ugly beast and pretend like I can help 'cause that's what the green guy does.
Angel On Atonement
Gunn I know you feel bad about your part in what happened to Fred and you should. For the rest of your life it should wake you up in the middle of the night and it will because you're a good man. You signed a piece of paper that's all. The thing about atonement is you never run out of chances but you got to take 'em. You can't hide in this hospital room pretend it's all gonna go away because it never will.

Wes Tells A Joke
Two men walk into a bar. The first man orders a Scotch and Soda. The second man remembers something that he'd forgotten and it doubles him over with pain. He falls to the floor shaking and then through the floor into the earth. He looks back up at the first man but he doesn't call out to him. They're not that close.
Wes On Walls
There are things worse than walls. Terrible and beautiful. If we look at them for too long they will burn right through us. Truths that we couldn't bear not everyday.
Lindsey On The World
You know what I know. Look the world's a cesspool filled with selfish and greedy beasts. We live. We die. Even you babe. You still happy to see me?
How about this it's here. It's been here all along underneath you're just too damn stupid to see it. The apocalpyse man you're soaking in it. Not an apocalypse the apocalypse. What'd you think a gong was gonna sound time to jump on your horses and fight the big fight. The starting pistor went off a long time ago boys you're playing for the bad guys. Every day you sit behind your desk and you learn to a little more abot how to accept the world the way it is. Well here's the rub heroes don't do that. Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it.

A prophecy to fulfill
Finds himself face to face
The son that he sacrificed
Gave a new life so happy
Stunned beyond words
Found himself to be different
Needing to make a kill
The cube was broken
Releasing the truth
To all that were near
Back to his parents he went
With some parting words to his father
Connor Means Business
Oh Lord look at him. Here's how it works I kill this Sahjean thing and we walk. You come near my family again and I'll slit your throat. And if that doesn't kill you I'll chop your old head off. And if that doesn't work I'll just keep stabbing till you you bleed to death understand me?
Wes's Thoguhts
Try to push reality out of your mind focus on the other memory they were created for a reason. To endure it.

Back and forth in time
Coming apart at the seams
Out to get her
Not if she stops them first
Trying to figure it out
Senior Partners not a fan
Makes one wonder
Possibly become a team player
Only time will provide answers
On this very strange one
Stopped from coming apart
And taking everyone with her
Gunn's Vacation In Hell
You know what the worst part of that place was? It wasn't the basement. At least there you knew where you stood demon was gonna cut your heart out show it to you. Nah it was the fake life they gave you upstairs. Wife, kids, all the icing on the family cake but somewhere underneath it there was the nagging certainty that it was all lies. That all the smiles and the birthday candles and the homework were just there to hid the horror. Is that all we're doing here just hiding the horrr? 'Cause I don't think I can stomach it anymore not after all that's happened.

Off they both go
To Rome for a head
And for the girl
Romanced by the Immortal
Memories surround them
Of oh so long ago
A enemy bonding them
Distracted for a moment
Away went the head
In a time crunch
Just wanted to get home
Demon war averted
Found the head on the deks
Courtesy of the Immortal
Spike's Plan
Oh look we get the Cappo's body, rescue Buffy we stop the Immortal it's that's simple unless he kills you which would be sad. Not if I'm with you.
I just want to see you happy well not too happy 'cause then I'd have to stake ya. Second thought have at it.
Darla On The Immortal
Oh come on have you seen him with they eyes and the chest and the immortality. Not like him I mean he's not some common vampire he's I don't know what he is a giant, a titan straddling good and evil serving no master but his own considerable desires. And spiritual did you know he spent a hundred and fifty years in a Tibetan Monastary which I guess explains the desires. Oh darling it was just fornication. Really great fornication.
Angel's Newsflash
Oh yeah here comes the part where you run off alone play the big hero so Buffy'll take you back well newsflash Blondie Bear never gonna happen.
Spike's No Dummy
Look I know I don't have shot with her all right probably never did but I still care about her and I'm not gonna let her end up with a jerk like the Immortal or you.
Spike's Thoughts
It's him the Immortal. This is what he does. Every time he shows up I either lose my girl, get beaten by an angry mob or get thrown in prison for tax evasion. Long story.
Hey damn right we are. Yeah we're not gonna be his shemps anymore. If this was LA we'd have him hog tied by now.
Spike's Jacket
Not a jacket. My jacekt. You have no idea what I went through to get this. Which gives it great sentimental value besides I've been wearing it for over thirty years. It's like a part of me. It's my second skin. It's who I am. It's just one more thing he's taken away that I'll never get back.
Angel's Thoughts
We're heroes we don't need any higher power. We make our own fate. We don't need anybody cleaning up our mess you know we're champions! Got this under control. Yeah we're just gonna...We're shouldn't we just go home?
Angel On Buffy
But she's not finished baking yet. I got to wait till she's done backing you know till she finds because that's the drill Fine I'm waiting patiently and meanwhile the Immortal's eating cookie dough.