Warrior Babes The Second





Spellcaster: Catherine
Give me the power. Give me the dark. I call on the blackened gods. Let your blackness crawl beneath my skin. Accept my sacrifice. Cordelia feed on her.
My Two Cents: Ok this is not something good. Sure you may feel like hexing people but there are always consequences just ask Catherine. Oh that's right you can't since she got trapped inside the trophy and later the school blew up so it's a pretty safe bet that she's as dead as you can get.
Switching Amy and Catherine Back
Spellcaster: Giles
The center is dark. Centrum est obscurus. The darkness breaths. Tenebrae respiratis. The listener hears. Hear me. Unlock the gate, let the darkness shine. Cover us with holy fear. Show me Corshet and Gilail, the gate is closed. Received the dark, release the unworthy...Take of mine energy and be sated! Be sated, release the unworthy!
Zap Buffy Into Oblivion
Spellcaster: Catherine
I shall look upon my enemy. I shall look upon her and the dark place will have her soul. Corsheth! Take her!
My Two Cents: Ok this could totally backfire on you because you may end up getting the spell reversed on you with just a mirror faced your way.
Binding Moloch Into The Book
Spellcaster: Some monk guys in robes.
By the power of the Circle of Kayless, I command you, demon. Come!
Getting Moloch Off-line
Spellcaster: Giles with the help of Jenny
By the power of the divine...by the essence of the word, I command you. By the power of the circle of Kayless. I command you! Demon! COME!
My Two Cents: If you are binding a demon into a book make sure to put on a warning label so someone doesn't accidently let loose a demon bent on destruction.
Initiation Into Frat
I pledge my life and my death to the Delta Zeta Kappa and to Machida whom we serve. On my oath, before my assembled brethern. I promise to keep our secret from this day until my death. In blood I was baptized, in blood I shall reign, in his Name!
Feeding Machida Ritual
We who serve you, we who receive all that you bestow, call upon you in this holy hour. Machida. We have no wealth, no possession, except that which you give us. We have no power, no place in the world, except that which you give us. It has been a year since our last offerings a year in which our bounty overflowed. We come before you with fresh offerings. We hope you find them worthy. Accept our offering, dark lord, and bless us with your power. Machida! Come forth and let your terrible countenance look upon servants and their humble offerings! We call you Machida! In his name! Machida! For he shall rise from the depths and we shall tremble before him. He who is the source of all we inherit and all we possess. Machida! Machida! And if he is pleased with our offerings, then our fortunes shall increase. Machida let our fortunes increase. And on the tenth day of the tenth month, he shall be enhungered and we shall feed him. Feed, dark lord.
Enchanted Halloweed Costumes
Spellcaster: Ethan Raynes
The word that denies thee thou inhabit. The peace that ignores thee, thou corrupt. Chaos, I remain, as ever, your fatihful, degenerate son. Janus, hear my plea. Take this as your own. Come forth and show us your truth. The mask is made flesh. The heart is curdled by your holy presence. Janus, this night is yours.
My Two Cents: Just in case you turn into your Halloween costume you may want to go as Xena or someone that can kick ass because an 18th century girl is totally useless in a crisis.
Restore Dru To Health
Spellcaster: Spike
Eligor, I name thee. Bringer of war, poisoners, pariahs, grand obscenity. Eligor, wretched master of decay, bring your black medicine. Come restore your impious, murderous child. From the blood of the siren she is risen? From the blood of the sire shall she rise again. Right then. Now we let them come to a simmering boil, then remove to a low flame.
Love Spell
Spellcaster: Amy
Diana, goddess of love and the hunt, I pray to thee. Let my cries bind the heart of Xander's beloved. May she neither rest nor sleep until she submits to his will only. Diana! Bring about this love and bless it!
My Two Cents: Doing a love spell is never a good idea because you shouldn't be srewing with someone's free will and also it could backfire on you big time which cause the whole female population to come after you and it can get pretty ugly.
Turn Buffy Into A Rat
Spellcaster: Amy
Goddess Hecate, work thy will. Before thee let the unclean crawl.
My Two Cents: It's a very bad idea to turn yourself into a rat since you won't be able to turn back and you may end up as a rat for a few years. It's also not very nice to turn anyone else into a rat unless it's someone like Synder who was already pretty ratly when he was alive.
Change Back To Buffy
Spellcaster: Amy
Diana! Hecate! I hereby license thee to depart! Goddess of creatures great and small, I conjure thee to withdraw!
Revoke Invitation
Spellcaster: Willow
By these words, consent repealed.
Ritual Of Exorcism
Spellcasters: Willow, Buffy, Xander, and Cordelia
I shall confront and expel all evil. Out of marrow and bone. Out of house and home. Never to come here again.
Awaken Acathla
Spellcaster: Angelus
I will drink. The blood will wash in me, over me, and I will be cleansed. I will be worthy to free Acathla. Bear witness as I ascend. As I become.
Spell Of Restoration Of The Soul
Spellcaster: Willow
Not dead, nor of the living. Spirits of the interregnum. I call. Let him know the pain of humanity. Gods reach your wizened hands to me, give me the soul of...
Gods bind him, cast his heart from the demon...realm...return his...I call on...I call on you gods, do not ignore this supplication! Let the orb be the vessel to carry his soul to him! It is written, this power is my people's right to wield...Let it be so! Now!
Summon Anyanka
Spellcaster: Giles
Anyanka, Anyanka I beseech thee in the name of all women scorned come before me.
My Two Cents: If you're a guy don't summon a vengeance demon unless you really have to but first try to get a girl to do it for you. And remember the power center is the glowing necklace which will reverse all the wishes that were granted.
Access Spirit Guide
Spellcaster: Giles
Do not deny me spirit guide. Let the wisdom of those who have passed be showered upon me.
My Two Cents: These are very cranky spirits and aren't very inclined to help out.
Raise The Dead
Spellcaster: Jack
He calls forth the spirit of Uurthu, the restless. No one shall speak. He shall arise! Hear me the blood of Earth shall restore him. And he shall arise. Arise!
Mayor Becomes Invincible
Spellcaster: Richard
Potestatum, matris nost rum in tenebris invoco. Meledictum, filium tuum ab omni periculo custodias nunc et in saequla.
Temporal Fold
Spellcasters: Willow and Anya
Eryishon, k'shala meh-un. Diprecht doh tehenlor. Nu Eryishon. The child to the mother. The river to the sea. Eryishon hear my prayer.
Stolen Soul Returned
Spell Casters: Willow and Giles
Hear me elders of the upper reaches. Elders of the lower reaches. Elders of the dry lands. Elders of the river flats. Ancients I beseech you. The soul abstracted let it revert to its true seat. Let it be finished. Let the unnatural vessel be emptied. Let the essence be returned to its original host.
Guiding Spell
Spellcaster: Willow
Aradia, Godess of the lost. The path is murky. The woods are dense. Darkness pervades. I beseech thee. Bring the light.
Scorned Girlfriend
Spellcaster: Willow
I conjure thee by Barrabas , by Satanas, and the Devil. As thou art burning let Oz and Veruca's deceitful hearts be broken. I conjure thee the Saracen Queen and the name of Hell. Let them find no love or solace. Let them find no peace as well. Let this image seal his fate. Not to love only hate...
Shumash Vengenace Spell
Spellcaster: Hus
First people who dwell in Mishupashup. Hear me and descend. Walk with me Itiashup again. Hear me also Nunashush. Spirits from below take human form. Creatrues of the night. Join the battle bring me revenge.
I Will It
Spellcaster: Willow
Hearken well elements. I summon thee now. Control outside. Control within. Land and sea. Fire and wind. Out of my passions a web be spun. From this eve forth my will be done. So mote it be!
Break I Will It Spell
Spellcaster: Willow
Let the healing  power begin. Let my will be safe again. As these words of peace are spoken let this harmful spell be broken.
Ionized Atmosphere
Spellcaster: Willow
Trop..strato..measo..Aero...iono exo
Elements are brought to bear. Wind, Earth, and Water churned admist the Fire. Let the Air be burned. 
Demonic Energy
Spellcaster: Tara and Willow
Thespia we walk in shadow. Walk in blindness. You are the protector of the night. Thespia, Goddess, Ruler of all darkness. We implore you open a window to the world of the underbeing. With your knowledge, may we go in safety. With your grace may we speak of your benevolence.
Passage To The Nether Realm
Spell Caster: Tara and Willow
Ayala flowers through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless sea. Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless sea. Ayala flowers through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless eye. Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless sea. Ayala flows through the river in me.
Truth Spell
Spell Caster: Giles
Enemy, enemy be now quiet. Let your decietful tongue be broken. Let no untruths spoken.
Call Upon Communal Spirits Of A Certain Time And Place
Spell Casters: Tara, Willow, and Giles
Children of the ast. Spirits of Loial. Be guided by our light. Come forth and be known to us. We implore you be still. Find it in your hearts to leave our friends safe passage. Transform your pain. Release your past and get over it.
Calling On The Power Of The First Slayer
Spell Casters: Willow, Giles, and Xander
Power of the Slayer and all who wield it. By the generous will of the ancients. Last to ancient first we invoke thee. Grant us thy domain and primal strength. Accept us and all the powers that we possess. Make us mind and heart and spirit joined. Let the hand emcompass us. Do thy will! Spiritus..spirit. Animus...heart. Sophus..mind. And Manus the hand we enjoin that we may inhabit the vessel. The hand, daughter of SIneyea First of the ones. We implore thee admit us. Bring us the vessel. Take us now!
Creepy Stick Thing Splitting Into Two
Spell Caster: Toth
The last step in thy forging is my pain. The price which I purchase. The death of the Slayer.
Put Xander Back Together Again
Spell Caster: Willow
Let the spell be ended.
Helpful Tip: Make sure the two are standing side by side facing the same way to avoid any freaky accidents.
Ignis incende
See No Evil
Spellcaster: Tara
Blind Cadria
Desloate Queen
Work my will upon them
Your curse upon them
My obeisance to you
Undo See No Evil
Spellcaster: Tara
Blind Cadria
Lift your veil,
Give evil form
And break my spell
Making A Giant Cobra To Locate The Key
Spellcaster: Glory and Dreg
From the mud,
From the rot,
Arise holy serpent and
Be bathed cleansed in
the shadows of Sobek.
The form is vessel rendered new.
The base is blood. The gem is fire
and elements rarefied.
Sobek, grant the power that it may mold
this wretched creature
That it may be reborn
That it may serve
He is arisen
Accidentally Summons A Troll
Spellcaster: Willow
Spirits of light I invoke thee. Let the gloom of darkness part before ou. Let the moonlight be made pale by your presence. Spirits of light grant my wishes. Come on let it out!
Trying To Send The Troll Back
Spellcaster: Willow
Let the conjuring be undone. Return the beast to native form. Keep him far from us as long as my voice shall sound.
Send Troll To Troll Land
Spellcaster: Willow
Instrementum ultionus talem fabulosom surge, surge, teram provaca. Vola cum viribus dominum tuum nega. Let the transposition be complete.
Bringing Joyce Back From The Dead
Ingredients: Dirt from the grave, ghora egg, image of the person
Once you get all the ingredients together, put them in the center of a sacred circle with the photo of your mother. Then, say this incantation three times. She won't appear, you know, poof. It'll take a while but she will come to you. Oh, anything goes wrong the only way to reverse the spell is to destroy the image of your mother. Trick spell no guarantee the person will come back exactly the same. Sometimes these things get a little off. It will more or less be the person.
Spellcaster: Dawn
Osiris giver of darkness
Taker of life
God of Gods
Accept my offering.
Bone, flesh, breath
Yours eternally.
Bone, flesh, breath
I beg of you return to me
Bone, flesh breath
Yours, eternally
I beg of you return to me
Bone, flesh, breath
Yours, eternally
Tinkered Tinkerbell Light
Spellcaster: Willow
Fiat lux
Teleporting Hellbitch
Spellcaster: Willow
Helpful Tip: Just this spell sparingly since you end up with a nosebleed and wicked headaches.
Stop Brain Drain
Spellcaster: Willow
By the force of hear and mindful power. By waning time and waxing hour. I decree that she I love must now be free.
Helpful Tip: Say it a lot faster since it might work instead of leading to heartache at the state of the one you love is in.
Magick Barrier
Spellcaster: Willow
Sis modo dissolulum. Exposo validum scutum. Diutius nec defend. A manibus arcas intende.
Making A Phone Work
Spellcaster: Willow
Discharge and bring life.
Remove Magickal Barrier
Spellcaster: Willow
Remove barrier hear, hear my plea. Circling arms protecting me.
Bringing Buffy Back
Spellcaster: Willow, Tara, Anya, and Xander
Osirisw, keeper of the gate. Master of all fate, hear us. Before time and after, before knowing and nothing. Accept our offering know our prayer. Osiris, here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over. Osiris, let her cross over. Osiris release her.
Making The Demon Solid
Spellcasters: Willow and Tara
Child of words hear thy maker. Child of words, we entreat. With our actions did we make thee. To our voices wilt thou bend. With our potions thou took motive. With our motions came to pass. We rescind no past devotions. Give thee substance. Give thee mass.
Repeating Events
Spellcaster: Jonathan
Supply: Magick bone
Opus orbit, est. Et aa in medio. Tempus ad calcem intendit!
Make Dork Demon Disappear
I call upon the misty portal to my demon dimension. Where I'll lay my head and gently die.
Helpful Tip: This will make it seem like you exploded if the person is really drunk.  You may look all demony but any damage inflicted will hurt big time especially if you're a small guy.
Back To Dork
Let the spell be ended.
Decorate A Room
Spellcaster: Willow
Quiet A Room
Spellcaster: Willow
Bring Sound Back
Spellcaster: Willow
Lethes Bramble used for augmenting spells of forgetting and mind control. Just hold it and say, "Forget."
Helpful Tip: It works like a charm but you shouldn't be messing around with people's heads just to make them forget about an argument that indicates you have a serious problem.
Forgetting Spell
Spellcaster: Willow
For Buffy and Tara this I char let Lethes Bramble do its chore. Purge their minds of memories grim of pains from recent slights and sins. When the fire goes out and the crystal turns black the spell will be cast. Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa
Helpful Tip: This is a really bad idea since it ends up backfiring giving everyone a total case of amnesia until the crystal is broken which gives everyone their memories back.
Reading Blindly From A Book
Spellcaster: Anya
Bara bare himble gemination
More Bunnies
Spellcaster: Anya
Himble abri abri voyon
Fixing The Mess
Spellcaster: Giles
Cerebral Dampener
Spellcasters: The Nerd Herd
Supply: The musk gland of a Homjba demon which is pretty nasty and smelly.
Derat Amy
Spellcaster: Willow
Cio che fu non e piu. Cio che fu fatta, disfa. Passato E il pericolo finitae e la prova. Metti le cose a posto.
Doma vo lunatatem. Libera cupidehum. Erupe ignum excita.
Untie Ropes
Move Heavy Object
Sin nobio so vovera
Tracking Down A Killer
Spellcaster: Willow
Blood of the slain hear me. Guide me to Tara's killer.
Protection Spell
Spellcaster: Anya
Doramee garamee genime chayneymay
Make Oneself Stronger
Energy Ball
Destroy The World
Spellcaster: Willow
Plans: She's gonna drain the planet's life force and funnel its energy through Prserpexa's effigy and burn the earth to a cinder. No magick or supernatural force can stop her. Only love can save the world.
From the pits of forgotten shadows the sister of the dark. Proserpexa let the cleansing fires from the depths burn away the suffering souls and bring sweet death.
Summon Abilas
Spellcaster: A Total Asshole named Peter
Almighty Abilas please accept our sacrifice. Please appear before us almight soldier of the dark. Please appear before us and grant us with infinite riches and we will pay you with our sacricife. We kneel befor eyou with the gifts of flesh.
Spellcaster: Willow
Summon D'Hoffryn
Spellcaster: Willow
Biatamas siten noma nan D'Hoffryn. Fiatoku spotium porta amundum arashmaharas.
Turn RJ Into A Girl
Spellcaster: Willow
O Hecate I call on you. I humbly ask your will be done. Hear my request. A simple change create a daughter from a son.
Spellcaster: Dawn
I cast you from this place. It is your poison and your bane. It is the skin that is cut from your flesh. I cast you out with every prayer from every God that won't beyond allow you to crawl beneath. I cast you out with the strength of those who love me. I cast you out with the strength of those who love me. I cast you out into...That's right die you bastard.
Finding Potential Slayers
Spellcaster: Willow
Warning: It can be very stinky but it does work. Just check the other side of the door just in case someone else is there.
The spell will conjure up this brilliant light and the light will find the potential and it will illuminate her with a glowing aura.
To light the aura of the new skin of the snake and chrysalis too. To indicate the first reborn tumbleweed and rosebush thorn. An egg that means the life to come. Take this oh spirits and my spell is done.
Bogus Spell To Put Willow Back In Her Body
Spellcaster: Amy
Spirits true we draw upon
Give back the form the soul requires
See that the balance is put right
The Hex that Amy cast on Willow lets the victim's subconscious pick the form of punishment. The spell is broken when Kennedy kisses Willow.
A Portal To Bring Buffy Back
Spellcaster: Willow
Warning: You may have your energy drained by the spellcaster.
The sand forms a circle. The circle acts as a barrier and the barrier contains the portal. Also if your Latin sucks just speak English since Latin is supposed to be a dead language but it turns up pretty often in spells.
Viat temporus yanclamo ate vius spot tej o vayo operama apiree! Yakun a fun parbara armee un imperior un Screw it. Might Forces I suck at Latin ok. That isn't the issue I'm in charge and I'm telling you open that portal now.
Open Up The Seal
Abos debora
Spell To Make Andrew Spill The Dish On The Seal
It is a glowy thing.
The dagger has writing on it which is written in Tuorg.
The blood which I spill I consecrate to the oldest evil.
Andrew's tears close the seal.
Figure Out The Trigger For Spike
Spellcaster: Willow
Brochite stone will move through your mind to reveal the root of the trigger's power. It can unleash ideas, images, memories. Hopefully once you understand what it is that is setting you off you can break its hold on you. The stone's just  catalyst for the process. The rest is up to Spike. It has to access the cerebral cortex via the optic nerve. It turns into a slimey thing that goes into the eye.
Kuadee beleck suction vok vara encale bushas ec vura borosh boracae
Open Portal To Beljoxa's Eye
Ek'vola mok't Beljoxa do'kar.
Spellcaster: Willow
Caerimonia minerva, saepio saepire saepsi. Saepio impedimentum!
Getting Bringer To Speak
Spellcaster: Willow
Koresh bidin adan koden adalay a may don. Speak to us!
Binding Spell
Spell Caster: Angel
Bring the truth into the light. Let the villian be revealed that the soul can take its rightful place for eternity. Adduce veritatum in luceem. Accipiat larua suam reqietam. Rescant animae suum regnum.
Exoricisng Ethros
Spell Casters: Wes and Angel
In odoreum suvatatis tu aefum effugare diabole. Appropinquabit. Enim judicum de omnis spiritus imunde in nomine dei. Omnis spiritus tu auetum effugare diabole. Abrenuntias...Satanae. Do you renounce Satan? Et omnibus operibus ejus? And all his works? Omibus pompus ejus? And all his pomps? Exorcizor te, omnis spiritus immunde adaperire! Now get the hell out!
Bring Darla Back
Spell Casters: Vochah, Monks, and Wesley
We have prepared a holy place in the darkness and annointed it with oil. We have gathered the blood of the living. And taken the blood of the living dead. As it was written, they shall prepare the way. And the very gates of Hell shall open. That which is above shall tremble, for that which is below shall arise. And the world shall know the beast. And the beast shall know the world. Five are without breath. Yet they live. Fire are without time. Yet they live. Five are without soul. Yet they live. Five are without sun. Yet they live. Five are dead. Yet they live. Et illi quinque sacrificum est. Et illi que est mortus vivet. Dum vita et mors non duas res sed unas sunt. In tenebres lux est. In luge tenebrae sunt. Serge! Serge! Serge! Serge! Serge!
Undo Vochah's Hex On Cordy
Spellcaster: Wesley
And if the beast shalt find thee and tough thee thou shalt be wounded in thy soul. And thou shall know madness. The beast shall cripple and attack thee. And thy shalt know neither friend nor family. But thou shalt undo the beast. Thou shalt find the sacred words of Anatole. And thou shalt be restored. Three times thou shalt say these words unbind, unbind, unbind.
Lindsey's New Hand
Spellcaster: Pockla demon
Hararr karr hararr! Phhhsshht phhhsshht
Open Portal From Pylea
Krv drpglr pwlz chkwrt strplmt dwghzn prqlrzn lffrm plzt
Portal To Pylea
Klmp rktar pwlznth wrv pltzich wrrh strrph mmpht hhggh znnn vffph phrnnt vfft!
Bringing Holtz To The 21st Century
Spellcaster: Sahjhan
The weight of time is heavy on the world. And all men born must die. But there are worlds unknown where sleepers dream and sleepers sleep and patiently await. As pledge in Caladan by Cod-She, one shall awaken in the first year of the final century. That one who lived before and joined Cod-She in the great sleep. Arise! As was promised and foretold..Arise! Arise!
Call On The Loa AKA Evil Hamburger
Spellcaster: Wes
Marga sec loa alegba. Accept this oppering and open the gates of truth. I come in supplication O Great One. Begging for answers to questions that only your power can reveal.
Sanctuary Spell
Spellcasters: Transooning Furies
Violence abounds. Violence restrained. This space is sanctuary was and shall be again.
Algurian Body Switch
Spellcaster: Marcus and Wesley
Alii permutat anima kimota. Alli permutat anima kimota.
Open Portal To Quortoth
Spellcaster: Sahjhan
Lekko najine forkahadio!
Close Portal To Quortoth
The darkest of the darkest worlds.
Spellcaster: Sahjhan
Forkahadio najine lekko.
Make Sahjhan Solid
Spellcaster: Angel
Supplies: A pentagram drawn on the floor. Some human blood. You should put a barrier around it so the one in question doesn't end up somewhere else.
Warning: There is a price for this spell.
Orpus Granite Sahjhan demonicus
Close Fissure To Quortoth
Spellcaster: Mistress Meerna
Forras. A ka ul do. In tempor lyta.
Throw magick dust and the fissure is gone.
Ritual To Blot Out The Sun
You need: Three pieces from the totems that are put together in the shape of wings along with the orb.
Ket shav Ma'at.
Ket shav Masktet.
Ket shav Ma'at.
Ket shav Masktet.
Ket shav Ma'at.
Ket shav Mesktet.
Ahum Semket
Vash ra'at Manjet
Ket Mesktet
Eat the orb and the sun will be blotted out to create a Devil's Playground fun for all the evilies.
Sanctuary Spell
If you don't have blood root you can substitute burnt cloves.
Violence restrained
Demons disarmed
For mortals within these walls
No harm
Protection and safety
This charm doth endow
To make this shelter a sanctuary now
Bogus Re-ensoul Spell
It's more like a masking spell.
Spellcasters: Cordy and Wesley
Ingredients: Soul Eater's skull stripped down, twigs, talismans, candles, magick dust
Throw magick dust.
Indigre portus vura kest atoon
Bunde aperican amara emigulo
It makes the earth shake and gives a light show.
Trying To Wake Angelus
Spellcaster: Cordy
She uses a crystal to try and contact him which causes buzzing in his ears.
Hear me Angelus. Heed my warning. Awaken at once. Return from the darkness. Or just lay there and let that red headed meddler put your soul back. Whichever!
Delothrian's Arrow: Used to protect good magicks.
Getting Angel's Soul Back And Getting The Bitch Out Of Your Head
Use a Delothrim orb.
Spellcaster: Willow
Invadoria disparu
Vetsche invadoria disparu
Open the window, fill the stone, inside outside, two made one.
Ahlesh ashtoreth! Semsa nahl eresh a'lahm!
Cordy Working The Evil Mojo
Makes A Huge Floaty Head
Seiza jai n'hast engai seiza jai n'hast engai
Getting Angel's Soul Back Cont.
Spellcaster: Willow
Find your target, leave my side!
Geth na haroth castellulm toll. Break the glass. Let loose the soul.
Channel Into Orb
Spellcaster: Willow and Fred
Quod perditum est invenieturNici mort nici al finitei te invoke, spirit all trecerit. Te implore doamne nu ignora accasta rugaminte lasa orbita sa fie vasul car-i va transporta sufletul la el. Este scris aceasta putere este dreptul poporuil me a meu du conduce asa sa fie, a cum.
Cordy Working More Evil Mojo
Fanush catane tareem taresh baraesh baresh catane tareem baraesh
I will mutter a few calming words to get us intot he zone and we'll see if we can scare up your missing spook. Ok clear your minds which judging by the looks of you won't be hard. Holding hands is not necessary only if you're lonely.
I call upon the Guardian of Souls, the Keeper of the passage. Let our breah flow from what is to what is past. Bless us with the presence of a lost. Grant us communion with the world beyond our reach. Give voice to those who can no longer be heard. I beseech you open your gates. Reveal your secrets.
Lose The Glyphs And Reveal The Bad Guy
Ingredients: Woodbury, Lichen, Danbeetle skeleton
Sprinkle ingredients with the artrial blood of an unclean a demon.
Fabula, Mundi, Sanguis, Incesti, Vincula, Solve, Invisa, Revela.
Making The Nest Egg Crack
Aperi, rumpe, solve, reveni Aperi, rumpe, solve, reveni. Refer quod furatum solve reveni, aperi, rumpe, solve, reveni Fractae omnia vin omnia incantamenta fracta omnia incantamenta fracta. aperi, rumpe, solve, reveni.