Warrior Babes The Second
Grrr Arghh!!!!

I really hate this place. -Angel


Why I Hate Living In Colorado
 1. It may just be my dumb luck but here the people seem incredibly stupid not to mention slow. Now I'm not saying that everyone is just it seems like most of those that I have come into contact with since I'm not roaming the bleeding state looking for people with brains.
 2. I hardly see anyone wearing a watch so often they are totally clueless about the time. Why not buy a watch and actually wear it so you don't have to bug people about the time when can be annoying and some people aren't the least bit polite about it. A thank you would be nice.
 3. They bitch about the library opening at 10 am and some other library opening at either 8 or 9 am. Hello go to that bleeding library instead of standing in front of this one bitching. Hello a library opening at 12 is a reason to bitch so consider yourself lucky you morons.
 4. Of course there are a large number of people that stupidly try to open the door and a few have actually told me the door was locked. Hello that is why I haven't tried to open a locked door like an idiot. Moron alert! This isn't new but it seems to happen more here. Hello if there is someone standing outside the fucking door and they aren't smoking that means the place is closed. That's a good rule of thumb for any place. Unless there is some stupid law that bans reading in public places. Call up the bleeding library if you're that stupid about the time.
 5. They don't seem to have the concept of a library being a place of quiet. Screaming, loud conversations, and hell even singing have been heard and not a damn thing is done. I complained and they told me to go around to the people. If I did that I wouldn't get any work done. Yet almost without exception they fucking jump when a bleeding cell phone rings sending them outside. What the hell is that about? Is that more annoying? I don't think so.
 6. They have sidewalks that are half the size because of all the bleeding rocks. Why are there so many fucking rocks around? The other half of the sidewalk has a bunch of rocks instead of the rest of the sidewalk or hell even some grass which is really annoying when some dummy comes along and you have to move. Hello hasn't anyone around here heard of grass or even flowers.
 7. They don't even have BBQ chips here. I am going to try to order them from Albertsons. Why the hell should I have to special order something like that? Are they anti BBQ here or something?
 8. They have the stupidest mall ever here just down the street. This is the only mall that I've been in because no here is conveniently located but for all I know they are all as stupid as this one. Hello build on a flat surface instead of being all hilly. You go in one store and this is from the parking lot and you're on the second floor but the store next door will take you to the first. What the hell is that about? Also they don't seem to have all that many exits.
 9. There are only two McDonalds which gets frustrating if a person is trying to get certain Happy Meal toys. Well sometimes they are cute. Before I could go to six different McDonald's very easily and walkable. Now there are two and a lousy hamburger is 96 cents and almost everything costs more. I thought this place wasn't supposed to be as expensive but hello a candy bar is 40 cents more here.
10. Maybe it's just my luck but people here drive really slow and are for the most part rude. At home more often then not people would allow me to cross where here I have to fight my way across. Hello pedestrians are people to so show some bleeding courtesy. I do make myself heard when idiots cut me off. Maybe they will think twice about doing it again and besides you have to get out your frustration so what better way. So what if I look like a loon. Just because you are in a hunk of metal with wheels that in theory is supposed to go fast not that you can tell around here doesn't make you all superior. I rarely got cut off at home.
11. What is the deal with the stupid parking lots anyway? To get to Target you have to go down the stairs and cross a street and cross a parking lot to another parking lot to another parking lot to cross a street to get to the parking lot of Target and then you get the stupid store. There is nothing super about it. As for low prices don't think so. Hello the milk is just as expensive as elsewhere and of course they have slow registers so half the time it's walk out time because they won't open another register and the express is so not expressy at all. Many of the parking lots here are the same and I think that it's very stupid. What was the builder of these places thinking? Was it the same idiot or what? Get some brains people! I will admit that a few people have let me cross but that is the exception and not the rule.
12. What is the deal with the keyholes being sideways? That is so stupid since I tend to like my keyholes to be normal. Oh joy just another annoying thing from this stupid place.
13. When there are people in line why don't you open a bleeding register especially when the cashier is moving like they are in slow motion or something. Speed it up! So now I end up walking out of stores more often because I don't feel like waiting because that is just plain ridiculous. I really think the cashiers here should take an IQ test before they are allowed a register since a lot of them are just too damn slow. Now that's not all of them but it seems to be a lot. Maybe it's the air that just zaps away the brain cells or something.
14. I don't like what this fucking place has done to my skin. My hands are totally fucked up and sliced up and of course there is that spontaneous bleeding. The air is bad here and my hands are proof of that. They are however sort of getting a bit better but it isn't winter yet and I'm thinking they will fall off from frostbite or something.
15. What is the deal with the disappearing sidewalks? There is a street where the sidewalk disappears so as of yet I haven't gone to Wallmart because I don't know if it's before the sidewalk ends or after so I would have the fun of walking on the street.
16. With small sidewalks you would think people on bikes would ride on the street like they are supposed but no and they all act superior because they are on a seat with two wheels attached. Hello it is called a sidewalk after which implies walking and ok running since that is done on two legs but a bike belongs in the damn street or how about making a damn bike path. It is not called a sidebike for bikers after all.
17. Why doesn't anyone cut the bleeding Christmas trees around here? Why are they planted all over anyway? They cut the damn grass all the time but they don't even touch the stupid trees so I have to practically give this one tree a lap dance every time I walk by. Christmas trees are supposed to be for Christmas not for planting all over the bleeding place. Choose another tree that doesn't grow all over the damn place.
18. There is only one library I can get to when I'm used to having six to choose from and five of those I could totally walk to. Here the damn places are too spread out so I think the nearest library would be about twelve miles away. What is that about?
19. I also don't like the fact that the stations are all wrong and so is the time for that matter! Even the stupid stations don't know when a show is on so most of the time they give the wrong time since some shows are on an hour earlier and some are on an hour later. That is so very annoying. Angel is supposed to be on at 9 not 8 so everything is all thrown out of whack. Ok maybe in some cases it might be a little convenient but not so much. This has to be the dumbest time zone ever.
20. Why are there no liquor stores? At home it would be handy because I could get money orders there or eggs for 99 cents or even a snack. But no here they are liquor marts where all they sell is liquor because it's like forbidden in a grocery store. Who's brilliant idea was that anyway? It is dumb and I really don't like it at all since I can't get eggs and that's a dozen for 99 cents.
21. The milk here is too damn expensive. Here the cheapest I can get for a gallon is $3.19 where at home I could pay 40 or 50 cents more depending on the store for two gallons of milk. So that would make the milk here pretty much twice as much.
22. What is the deal with the stupid little island that at some street corners you have to cross in order to cross the street? That has to be the dumbest thing ever. Also why are some of the buttons on the wrong side of the post. Hello it should be on the closest side not the farthest dumb asses.
23. They have a new computer system that is beyond stupid. You reserve a computer which sounds good at first but it's not. When you reserve a stupid number pops up so you have to go to that particular computer so you have to play bleeding muscial computers which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
24. Some fucking idiot tattled on me because his pussy sensibilities were offended. Fucking hell this is fucking America so I will fucking cuss if I fucking want to. He isn't going to stop me in fact it makes me want to do it more. What a fucking loser to go tattle on me when there is screaming and singing going on and nothing gets done.
So I would suggest you don't move here unless of course you actually like the place and it's your choice since each to her own after all but be warned. Well of course you might not have a choice and it's slightly better than living in a cardboard box with a shopping cart as your closet.