Warrior Babes The Second
Witchy Dictionary


Altar: A table that is used for your tools and other supplies during ritual. It can be a table, a tree, a tree stump or whatever you have handy.
Amulet: An object made of metal or stone that is engraved with symbols and is worn for good luck, protection, or love charm.
Athame: A double edged knife that is used to direct personal power during ritual. It is not used to cut anything on the physical plane.
Besom: A broom that is used to clean the area of negative energy.
Bolline: A small white knife that is used to cut herbs and inscribe candles with.
BOS: (Book of Shadows) A book where you write spells, recipes, notes etc.
Burning Times: The time between the 14th and 17th centuries where people were put to death for practicing witchcraft. It is believed that 9 million people were killed during this time and it's unlikely that all of them actually practiced witchcraft.
Censer: An incense burner or other heat proof container for burning incense and offerings.
Circle: Magickal energy created by the witch which is usually marked on the floor by candles.
Cleansing: Removing negative energy from objects, people, or places.
Cone of Power: Psychic energy that is raised during ritual.
Consecration: Blessing an object to fill it with energy.
Coven: A group of witches often 13 people but sometimes more or less that meet on the full moons and sabbats to celebrate.
Craft: Another word for Witchcraft.
Dedication: Committing yourself to the Wiccan path.
Deosil: Walking clockwise which is done when you put up the circle.
Elements: Earth-North, Air-East, Fire-South, Water-West
Incantation: Singing, chanting to raise energy during ritual.
Libation: An offering to the God and Goddess and it can be wine, water etc.
Pagan: A person who follows a nature based religion.
Pentagram: A five pointed star that represents the elements. It also is a symbol of protection and is like the witch's cross.
Poppet: A doll made to represent a person which is filled with herbs etc. Used for healing purposes.
Priest: The male leader of a coven.
Priestess: The female leader of a coven.
Ritual Bath: A bath that purifies the body and mind before a ritual in which a personal blessing is said before getting into the water.
Sabbats: Wiccan holidays: October 31-Samhain, December 21-Yule, February 1-Imbolc, March 21-Ostarta, April 30-Beltane, June 21-Litha, August 1-Lughnasadh, Septmeber 21-Mabon.
Scry: Divining the future using a mirror, crystal ball, or a bowl of water.
Skyclad: Nude. Some traditions practice their rituals this way because it makes them feel closer to nature.
Solitary: A witch that practices alone.
Triple Goddess: A Goddess composed of three aspects: maiden, mother, and crone.
Visualizing: Creating an image in one's head.
Warlock: It is often wrongly used for a male witch. It actually means traitor and oathbreaker. A male witch is called a witch.
Webweaving: Networking with people who practice magick.
Wheel of the Year: The eight holidays of a year. The names are listed with the Sabbats.
Wicca: Another name used for Witchcraft and more user friendly since people even now have the wrong idea about the religion.
Widdershins: Going counter clockwise which is done when taking down a circle. It can also be used when you are trying to banish negative energy.