Warrior Babes The Second
Slay Speak



And yet: too bad, doesn't apply, used as a response.
Anywhere but here: fantasy game where players imagine an elsewhere to be.
Ackward silence thing: dating hazard
Backseat mothering: unsolicited advice from non-parent
Bat signal: Slayer code for distress signal
The big hurt: Slayer force, murder
Boy friendly: worthy of dating
Break and enterish: comfortable Slayer wear
Brooding: appearing deep in thought and sullen, often attractive to  young women.
Business class ticket to cool with complimentary mojo after takeoff: benefits of being in a band
Carbon dated: beyond passe
Carrie: psycho prom moment in spirit of 76 horror flick
Chatter in the caf: widespread high school lunchroom gossip
Chick fight thing: female street fight with hair-pulling and nail-digging.
Childhood trauma: problem.
Clothes fluke: kiss resulting from formal wear
Come as you aren't: Halloween
Country music: the music of pain
The creepy: frightening
Cryptic: manner of speaking without imparting information
Cybercover: wired witches
Dateville: early stage of a relationship between Big Fun Town and Romantic Twosome Burg
Debarge: dorky, rolled up sleeves look of person or vamp stuck in the 80's
Decaf Land: calm realm between Comaville and Speedtown
Did we find?: Short for Did you find it?
The dire: urgent tone and expression
Dr Laura for the deceased: demon therapist
Dump-o-gram: kiss off
Dust: stake a vampire; form that demon takes at death
An elsewhere to be: another engagement far away
Evita-like: arrogant, snooty.
Fang gang: vampires; also Nasty Pointy Bitey Ones
Fester free: state of being relieved of silent seething
Fire bad, tree pretty: low level brai function after a draining battle
Five by five: cool, feeling no pain
Fray adjacent: in the vicinity of the thick of things
Freaksome: worrisome
Freaky deaky: odd or ironic
A free: study hall
Fruit punch mouth: vampire with a blood mustache
Full on exorcist twist: ability to turn one's head all the way around
Funky: not of the norm, unusual, odd
Gathering: subdued party with mellow song stylings and bri
Geek machine: an uncool car like Joyce's Jeep
Geeker joy: effusive feeling Willow gets when she's happy
Gene and Roger: Unsolicited criticism such as that given by movie critics
Get pelvic: become sexually intimate
God's gift to the bell curve: longhand for moron
Go Wild Bunch: become violent vigilante group
Going Willy Loman: raising money through selling of chocolate
Good squirm: satisfying level of discomfort
Grandfather breath: unpleasant aroma
The grim: sullen faces; also tragedy masks
Guiltapalooza: excessive-remorse festival
Hand carryout packets of blood: IV transfusion bags
Happy Meals With Legs: people to vampires
Have a nice summer: kiss of death year book sentiment when you have nothing to say
Having an expression: making a telltale face
Having ors: considering options
Helen Keller: an unobservant individual
Hitting a major backspace: losing points in popularity status
Hoop of the week: obligatory yet needless task
Honey: attractive male
Hootenanny: part chock full o' hoot with a little bit of nanny
Hormones on parade: teenagers obsessed with kissing and groping
Hottie: attractive female or male which includes vampires
Idiot box: any type of computer
Kiss of death: the words "Have a great summer" when writing in a hs yearbook
Life: the act of living, but only when it includes elements of fun
Linoleum: 1. a floor covering made by lying on a burlap or canvas backing a mixture of solidified linseed oil with gums, cork dust, or wood flour or both, and usually pigments 2. aphrodesiac for 17-year old boys
Much: great in degree often used as a put down.
Muffin: cute boy
Pos: yes, affirmative, opposite of neg
Maiden voyage: a first date
Nerd: one who devises computer programs
one-Starbucks town: a small town lacking in shopping, entertainment, and excitement
Oogy: funky feeling often associated with flu symptoms
Overachiever: one who no one likes
Round robin: group process of phoning individual parents to say each is staying at another's house for an alibi
Anne Rice Routine: vampire acting like he's all tortured and broody
Sabrina: witch
She-Giles: female with Watcher's knowledge of the supernatural and Slayer history.
Brook Shields: creature from the Blue Lagoon
Shindig: medium intensity with less mellow song stylings where dip and malt beverages are often served
Sitch: situation
Smoochies: kissing
Spontaneous human combustion: el bursto into flamo like the human torch except it hurts
So: very much
Statistical impossibility: a sixteen year old girl wiillfully unplugging the phone
Superchick: abnormally powerful woman
Tact: not saying true stuff
John Tesh: Evil incarnate the devil
That way: non-platonic
Tragedy masks: sad faces
Undead: vampire or zombie, dead without acting like it
Vampire: reanimated body of currently dead human who feeds on blood, has pointy teeth and a generally nasty disposition
Vogue up: to beautify
The Wacky: irrational behavior often caused by love
Wiggins: the creeps, form of wigged out.
Zombie: one who was once alive, is now dead and acts alive, but angrier


airy fairy: insubstantial, trivial, of minimal importance
all piss and wind: all talk and no action
Ballocks (bollocks): rubbish, nonsense
barmy: insane, eccentric
Blimey!: denoting surprise or disbelief
boff: to have sex
brassed off: irritated, fed up
brolly: umbrella
Bugger!: another word for damn
canoodle: to cuddle, to neck
chippie: to fool sexually, to betray
chuck a dummy: to vomit
knackered: worn out, exhausted
Piss off!: to annoy, to leave
poof: kiss
prat: an idiot
shag: to have sex
snog: making out
A Splash Of Latin
beast: bestiu
behead: caput
betray: prodere
bitch: canis
bludgeon: fustis
brain: cerebrum
breakfast: jentaculum
bruise: contundere
butterfly: papilio
chalice: calix
coffin: sarcophagus
dad: tata
damage: damnum
dawn: diluculum
decapitate: caputalcipraec idere
demon: daemon
destroy: perdere
dog: exeuere
droll: lepidus
Earth: terra
ecstasy: secessus
eternal: aeternus
eunuch: eunchus
fairy (of the stream): nympha, (tree) dryas, (wood) faunas
faith: fidelitas
familiar: familiaris
family: familia
finger: digitus
flesh: caro
flower: flos
forgive: alqdalci ianasere
frankincense: thus
fright: pavor
gipsy: cingarus
harpy: harpyia
hatchet: securis
heart: cordis
hobgobblin: larva
host: hospes
knife: culter
leather: corium
lick: lingere
misery: miseria
monster: monstrum
vampire: vespertilio
pale: palus
power: potentia
pretty: bellus
prick: stiumulare
prophecy: praedictio
puncture: punctum
rabbit: cuniculus
redeem: redimere
sacrifice: sacrificium
sage: salvia
scar: cicatrix
Slayer: interfector
slut: mulier sordida
sorcerer: veneficus
sorceress: venefica
spell: syllabas
soul: anima