Warrior Babes The Second
Oden Tal


Princess Jhiera
Daughter of a king
She made her escape
A dimension called Oden Tal
Where men enslaved the women
Taking away their free will
Turning them into mindless drones
Helping those in need
Offering girls a new life
Quite an exotic beauty
Leaving oppression behind
Men controlling them
Not an appealing place
A chance to be free
Using their own minds

Tay a goon sent from Oden Tal along with his band of merry twits so they can castrate the women that escaped from their dimension.
They believe that women with actual minds and opinions bring chaos and destruction to their world.
Tay On Women In Oden Tal Which Are Referred To As It
More than a mere demon it is a vessel of pure rage. It has almost destroyed my world and now it is loose in yours. (Killing It) You won't be able to it's stronger than one man. If you and your people wish to live stay away.
Oden Tal Women: They have two raised ridges running down either cheek with violet eyes, are intelligent and are very attractive for a demon. They have an exotic yet sexy look about them.
The men are called Vigories. They have four distinct ridges on their foreheads. Are said to be fierce warriors and the women they've enslaved to. The men are herbivores. They eat a thick stew made from rotting plants and flowers. And they need to consume half their body weight a day.
There is a portal from Oden Tal in the musem.
They call women it since the men are evil and controlling to major extremes.
Why does it speak when no one listens. Tay
Being Unmade
A metal device extracts the KO which is quite painful and turns the girl into a mindless drone.

The Ko
What you call personality our passions these impulses sit in an area of the body we call the Ko. It goes from the base of the neck down the back about five inches or so.
The Females
When the females come of age, Ko controls our physical and sexual power. It even signals when we're aroused and have met desirable mates. But when it's removed. You're more easily controlled. We marry who they command, we serve without question. We leave behind dreaming.
Princess Jhiera was the first to escape. Her family rules the dimension.
Escape To LA
Here, we have a name. We have a chance to become, but it's difficult.
When the Ko first matures, we can't manage it our physical energy.
In other words if a guy touches a girl before she's adjusted she will burn him from the inside because she can't control it.
We come to your world in a fever. When I first arrived alone I thought I would die from the heat under my skin.
The Men: Some respond to the Ko involuntarily. They try to force themselves.
It wasn't safe for me until I found the frozen water. As long as I could stay cool the worst of it passed in a few months time. Then I started to learn to control my power.
When a girl arrives and is in the ice she can't be touched if she is that person will be burned which is an accident.
Princess Jhiera
I am daughter to a King, sir. A King who promised happiness and a better life for everyone. I didn't denounce him and escape for my good alone. I did it to see his promise come true for all the women of Oden Tal. If a few have to die in order to protect my people.
The Ko starts glowing when the girl is turned on which if she's chatting with Angel is no big shock.
She's not big with the asking for help and will allow anyone to die that gets in her way as long as she can make her escape.
Dealing With A New World
They need serious isolation and temperature adjustment before they mellow out enough to deal with the world.
It is important to have work done on your mirth chakra.