Warrior Babes The Second
Smile Time


The Puppet Master
Gregor Framkin
A man who loves puppets
Started in his garage
Using what was available
Created a kids show
Serious drop in the ratings
Made a deal with devils
In a desperate attempt
To end up on top
Wasn't too careful
That was his downfall
They all took over
Turning humans to zombies
Puppets pulling their strings
Creepy Boy
The brains of the operation
With his scheming ways
In a ball cap and red hair
Looks like a cute little boy
With a sinister sneer
And quite a potty mouth
Luring the kiddies in
Dreams of riches
Are dancing in his head
Met a deadly end
At the hands of a vamppet
The Blob
Ratio Hornblower
A giant purple thing
All round and furry
Talks with a toot
Grimace's evil twin
Has quite a grip
With a horn on his face
Got his nose blown off
Stuffing went flying
Got shot down by Fred
The Pup
Brown dog with floppy ears
Likes to sing songs
A real creative type
Prefers some quality
Didn't get to play his song
Ended up ripped apart
A girl with no name
Daisies in her hair
Not afraid to speak up
One on the thinkers
Quite the tough one
Knocked Gunn down
Sent him rolling
Has a mouth on her
No more lip from her
Smashed her head
Against the screen

Puppet Maker Tips
1. Never ever make a deal with devils if you can at all avoid it because badness is sure to follow.
2. Be careful when you are making puppets and always be gentle so it doesn't come back and bite you on the ass.
3. If your ratings go down try everything you can think of before you even think of going to evil to make a deal.
4. If you de decide to make a dealt make sure you read the fine print since it could be a matter of life and death namely yours and all the humans that are working on your show.
5. Have a lawyer that specializes in deals with devils to read things over and make sure that you remain in control if you do strike a deal.
6. If you're sloppy you could end up with a hole in your back and a hand that goes in and takes control of you not to mention the horror of swallowing your tongue over and over to the amusement of the evil demon puppets.

Smile Time
A show for the kiddies
Sucking in the ratings
A deal was made
Fine print not read
Devils took over
Sucking away kids life force
Essence of innocence
Fetching a hefty price
Plans for their own Hades
Didn't work out as planned
Ended up torn from limb from limb
Parts and stuffing all around
Restoring all the kids to normal

Smile Time Song
In our secret backyard we can make your day more fun and less hard
No more frowning
Let's get learning ABC's and 123's
Everything from words to weather
We'll discover them together Woof!
Time to strap your thinking cap on
Thinking things are going to happen
Every day's a new beginning
All your friends are here and grinning
'Cause it's Smile Time
That's right!
You're on Smile Time
Self Esteem Song
Self esteem is for everybody
Self esteem is for everyone
You can dream and be anybody
But self esteem is how you get it done
Self esteem is how you get it done
We have every, everything we need
Self esteem is for everybody
Self esteem is for everyone
You can dream and be anybody
But self esteem is how you get it done.
Groofus: Oh hey there.
Polo: Hi.
Groofus: Aw looks like Polo has a case of the grumpies.
Unnamed Pigtailed Girl: Yeah he sure does Groofus. That mean old Mr. Fish-And-Chips said that Polo won't win the race tomorrow no matter how hard he tries.
Polo: Uh hug and I feel just awful. What if Mr Fish-And-Chips is right?
A short bus bastard shouldn't turn the CEO of Wolfram & Hart into a puppet.
Going Into The Don't Room
Might as well walk into a nuclear reactor and lick the core. Polo
You just don't mess around with the nest egg. Polo
Polo Rants
We eat babys live! Screw edu-tainment! The life force we're pulling out of thes snotnose kids is 100% pure innocence dick wad. You have any idea the street vaule that carries down in Hell? Damn right we're gonna be rich. Enough to build our very own Hades. After tomorrow's harvest we're gonna torch this crap hole and blow town before the rafters fall.
You don't want to talk to the hand because it could lead to you swallowing your tongue which isn't very fun for the one it's being done to but way fun for the one doing it.
And now it's time for Action Math News with your Action Math experts, Ratio Hornblower aaaaand Groofus.
Thank you, Polo. Our top story this morning 2 plus 2 is 4! And in related news, 4 plus 4 is 8!
Math Song
Just a little bit of math in everything
From the number of your toes
To a arc of a swing
And even in the length of a yo yo string
There's a little bit of math in everything
One plus one is two and two plus two is four