Warrior Babes The Second
Strife God Of Skirmishes!


The Treasure Of Zeus ep 1
I'm tired of being a nobody Ares. I mean Strife the God of War's nephew what does that say to anybody? I'm ready for the big time. What can't I be disaster or catastrophe. Wait well that's hard to spell.
I need to pick something that sounds good and is easy to spell like War that's simple and yet it's quite powerful but I have to find my own name.
Been there. Done that. I'm Strife I'm bad.
No God can destroy Hercules without being fried by Zeus forever am I right or am I right?
Even Zeus has to keep his word.
Between Friends ep 2
I hate it when I get fooled by a mortal since I like to be the one doing the fooling.
Yeah well it's the story of my life nobody knows me but Zeus's big bouncing baby boy is gonna put me in the big leagues. I destroy Hercules and everbody will know the name of Strife!
That sneaky little tweerp ruined my shining moment.
What A Crockery ep 2
Yeah she phat or what? No uncle not fat phat. You know she's a real Persephone, you know fly, dope, def, groovy.
Unc wants me to be subtle but subtlety was never my thing but Ares is brilliant and I do want to be exactly like him and earn my name.
I think I did quite well at this whole subtle thing sending Herc off to mommy. What a genius he is wanting to have Hera to find mommy with the chalice. Goodbye Alcmene if that's his plan. Why doesn't he ever let me in on the whole plan anyway? How else am I supposed to learn?
I love watching my uncle work.
No wonder Uncle Ares is the God of War that look on his face was quite terrifying. 

Inn Trouble ep 7
Three young men left in charge of an inn a recipe for fun or a recipe for diaster? A comedy in the making or a tragedy waiting to happen?
Hey I'm trying to create some dramatic tension. Don't make me tense.
Hmm this much money you can corrupt a village of mortals. It's a shame to waste it on the crowd Selinas runs with.
I've had that leg for years and finally it comes in handy.
That's why it's a good thing to not throw stuff away because you never know when it might be needed.

Battle Lines Pt 1 and 2 eps 11/12
All rightie here are the new assignments Zeus kitchen duty ha ha apon's over there. Um Hera uh the garden and just try to cheer up a little huh just try. As for you Uncle Ares...
Just because Discord is a millenium older doesn't mean she should take all the credit.
Let him strain away it's over. Stick a fork in little Herc 'cause he's done.
Be sure to wash your hands after every conquest.
I thought that was a good one because who wants hands covered in blood since it gets all sticky and icky.

Ares On Trial ep 15
Killing Hercules
1. Appear to be Ares.
2. Lose the friends.
3. What made you think you could come defile my temple and get away with it? (a reason for my rage or rather the rage of Ares.
4.  Of course I have to add that a priest saw yhim.
5. Don't forget the laugh since my uncle has a very distinctvie laugh.
Pretending To Be Ares
You know I never really cared for large families. Good night John Boy!

A Serpent's Tooth ep18
That mustache was itchy and it didn't taste very good either.
Nice catch Hercules. The whole town's a barbeque and I forgot to bring my marshmellows. Guess you wheeties will have to do.
I'm so not telling Uncle Ares about this.

Con Ares ep 33
May the horse be with you always.
Blast me fry me I don't care.

The Skeptic ep 39
Ok I totally have this bet going with Fatuas so I can learn the secret of prophecy when I win and if I lose I have to be his friend for a year.
You don't fight you lose.
You know one of the best things about being a God mortals can't see you unless you want them to.
I wonder what it's like to break a half God in half? Let's find out.
Ta da! Allow me to introduce myself Strife as in the God of Strife. This is Fatuas he's a God too.
Ok I really hate it when a stupid mortal throws water in my face especially when he's a non believer in moi.
I just love my uncle's laugh it's just so Godly and all so powerful sounding.
Ok I know what I'm going to do I'm going to capture the north wind in a bad to show the mortal just who's a God around here.
I'll make you a bet if I can't crush Hercules with this I'll be your friend for three years. And if I win you have to teach me the secret of prophecy. What do ya say striple of nothing?
It's the Gods that make the wind blow. You mortals better remember who's got the real power.
Now I'm gonna open the bad and I'm gonna blow the academy down.
The faster I win our little bet and you have to teach me how to be a prophet I'll foresee for myself.
I'll show you what a real God looks like.

Mila ep 47
I get it you're not really a God.
Ok so Uncle Ares really is a God after all I guess I was really tired when I said that because he certainly zaps me enough.

The Prize ep 42
Never wake up Uncle Ares because he's awfully cranky if you do especially if he's having a good dream.
I hate mimes.
I'll just turn that annoying twit into a human pretzel

Yes There Is A Hercules
I miss Cop Rock.