Warrior Babes The Second


Fire: A place where you are always in flames until you turn to ash and it starts all over again.
Ice: A place that keeps you entombed in ice and you keep seeing a fire that you can never quite reach.
Upside Down: Every time you try to stand right side up you get turned upside down again you're forced to keep on trying to stant right side up or you get eviserated.
Toy Poodles On Parade: A continuous stream of poodles all barking and snapping at you and every five seconds you either get pissed on or shit on and once a day your face gets shoved into a big old mound of shit for about three hours.
The Burbs: Looks are very deceiving with this place with a beautiful wife and kid but in the basement lurks a big S & M demon that rips out your heart every day.
Cotton Top: Reserved for those who are absolutely terrified of these bundles of fur they grow fangs and attack.
Shrimp: There is nothing but shrimp as far as the eye can see but beware they eat you before you get a change to eat them.
Insomnia: Trapped in a room under neighbors that drive you up the wall with their stomping around and loud continuous obnoxious sex when all you want to do is get a little peace and quiet so you can sleep.
Stuck In Traffic: Stuck in a car unable to get anywhere with a radio that keeps assuring you that there's no traffic.
Melty Land: Everything mels away into puddles of goo.
Eviseration: If you find yourself here you'll be treated to being eviserated and your organs are eaten away and it just keeps happening over and over and over again.
Fire Ants: Watch out these ants shoot fire and enjoy snacking on flesh.
Perpetual Wednesday: It's Wednesday every day with the same old torture day in day out because tomorrow never comes.
Music Of Pain: Your ears will bleed from the blaring country music the twangier the better.
I Am No One: You age quickly and are worked to death and when your body is about to give out you are tossed back to earth where you die of old age even though you were gone one day.