Warrior Babes The Second
The Lair Of Bacchus


Bacchus the God of good times with Bacchus on your side you can kiss your cares goodbye. Orpheus
The gilded spring is said to come straight from the center of the earth. Eurydice
Eurydice On Bacchus
Bacchus believes that pleasure and freedom are what all creatures should live for. No rules. No fears. No regrets. Your academy is all training and studying. No fun. Be one of us Hercules forever.
Save the chit chat for later unless you want to keep getting knocked onto your ass.
Yeah well keep your guard up or that's not all that'll be broken ok. Lilith
Bacchus isn't a cyclops that works for Ares.
Pinning the tail on the centaur isn't a good party.
Good Party According To Hercules
1. Good food.
2. Lots of interesting people.
3. They're girls. (Don't forget to mention guys for your friend who's a girl.)
You miss out on stuff when you go to King School.
It never fails. Chicks always dig guys with horns. Iolaus
Sometimes a dance is more than a dance.
Fangs is a sign of something being wrong.
Leave a party when it gets a little too strange especially if the host has horns.
Cheiron On Bacchus
Count yourselves lucky you escaped his cult. The Bacchae live for the whims of their master. Legend has it that in moments of extreme excitement the Bacchae transform into wolves.
Next time I see that two faced Orpheus he'll be playing that lyre with his toes. Hercules
Getting bit by a bacchae makes you woozy and come sundown you'll belong to Bacchus.
Just because a girl's a baccahe doesn't mean she's not a good person.
Don't let Hercules pick the party unless you want things to be either way dull or way too strange.

Gods are never out of the picture. Hercules
Sometimes they really are friends of the band.
Use your friend of the band status to get the chicks.
With Bacchaus's golden lyre you can touch the souls of the audience.
When your friend won't go with you carry him out so he doesn't get bacchaed.
A mirror isn't always what it appears to be.
Never trust a red skinned horned God.
Ball's in your court Horn Boy. Deal with it. Orpheus
Always keep your sword nice and sharp.
The undead can only be defeated by their own. Such weapons are not easy to come by. Cheiron
A dryad won't give you a bone even if you ask.
Honesty is important in any relationship.
Ladies and Gentlemen I don't mean to alarm you but there are bacchae in the building. Hercules
While a God may be eternal his hold on people isn't.
Sometimes the girl goes with the lying creep.
Make sure that the case actually has something inside.
Sometimes following your destiny involves great sacrifice.
A gun can be a real drag when he loses the girl.
Everyone can be wrong sometime.
It's not a good sign when bacchae are afoot.
You are lower than something really low. Hercules
Work on your comebacks.
If Bacchaus doesn't get back his lyre he will get very cranky.
In general you just can't deal with a God.
Daring rescues don't always go as planned.
Go stuff a grape leaf would ya. Iolaus
Today we unite the eternal with the temporal. Eurydice and I shall be joined as one. Together we shall reign over the Bacchae Kingdom.
Smells like trouble. Iolaus
Save the hugging until you're out of the burning cave.
Don't give up on yourself. Eurydice
No the pain of this loss is more than anything I can inflict but when your sorrow fades I'll find you and take my revenge. Bacchaus
Family who needs them when most of them are out to kill you.
A guy that just lost a girl he loved doesn't make him feel very festive even if Iolaus is in the dunking booth.
When Iolaus is in the dunking booth stock up on the tickets.
A good friend will go with you to the other side.
A mortal shouldn't have to pay for a God's whims.
Charon's got a schedule to keep and he can get grumpy especially if you're still alive and you don't pronounce his name right.
Charon's not a showgirl.
Executive Officer in charge of transport a chronic division first class and I don't help the living. Charon
Name dropping can get you places.
No one wants to have their arm ripped off and beaten with the soggy end.
Some things you just don't want to know.
Offering to row is well and good but offering a friend up to rub Charon's bunions is quite another.
All bacchae are condemned to Tartarus.
The Fates can be cruel. Hercules
Hades Beef
You're telling me my brother Zeus gets to be King of all Gods. My other brohter Poseidon gets to be God of the Sea. And I get to be God of the Other Side. Hanging around for eternity with nothing but dead people. Doesn't seem fair.
Butter up Hades so you get to go to the Elysian Fields to pay your dad a visit.
A soul can't leave its place of final judgement. Hades
Sometimes people do sacricie themselves for someone else.
Such courage is rare. Perhaps people can change and become worthy of the Elysian Fields. Hades
Even a God can learn something from a mortal.
Goodbyes are tough but take comfort in the fact that the girl is now in the Elysian Fields.