Warrior Babes The Second

Demons, Demons, Demons


She-Mantis: This type of creature, the Kleptos-virgo or virgin thief, appears in many cultures, the Greek Sirens, the Celtic Seamaidens who tore the flesh from living bones.
Hyenna People: The Masai of the Sarengeti have spoken of animal possession for generations. They believe that humanity, consciousness, the soul is a dilution of human spirit. To them, the animal state is holy. They were able, through trans-possession, to pull the spirit of certain animals into themselves. They are not a fun bunch they are mean and pack in a pack. At first they just go after a pig but later they snack on the principal which is not very good at all. Beware of trips to the zoo especially the parts where you shouldn't go. It makes the mean ones even meaner. Technically they aren't really demons but those guys with the exception of Xander were pretty darn mean beforehand.
Moloch: In the dark ages the souls of certain demons were trapped in volumes. They remain locked within the book unless the pages were read aloud. Unless I'm mistaken this is Moloch the Corruptor a very deadly and seductive demon. He drew people to him with promises of love, power, knowledge. He preys on the impressionable minds.
Brotherhood Of Seven: Every seven years these demons need human organs a brain and a heart to maintain their humanity otherwise they revert back to their original form which is slightly less appealing. These demons are prenaturally strong.
Toys And Magicks: On rare occassions inanimate objects of human qualities such as dolls and manikins already mystically possessed with consciousness have already acted upon their desire to become human by harvesting organs.
Ugly Man: An ugly man conjured by the good old Hellmouth. Billy a little boy was badly beaten by his coach and was put into a coma. As a result nightmares were coming true and the ugly man went around wreaking havoc until Billy's astral body killed him which switched things back and he woke up. Not a guy you would want to meet anywhere plus the fact that he's pretty darn scary looking and strong.
Marcie Ross: A girl that went unnoticed by absolutely everyone. She faded away in class one day and the utter and total isolation made her go crazy. She set out to get revenge on all those who didn't see her and did this to her. She was taken away and who knows what she's being taught since the last time she was seen she was being taught how to make a bomb. A prime example on why you should notice people because they could go completely insane which leads to certain badness especially if you happen to be a bitch like a certain one that shall remain nameless but it rhymes with Spordelia.
Machida: A snakey demon that lived in the basement of the Delta Zeta Kappa Fraternity House. Once a year in October the frat boys would lure three high school girls to offer them as a sacrifice to Machida. The demon in return would be granted wealth and success. Buffy sliced and diced this demon with a handy sword.
Eyghon The Sleepwalker: It can only exist in this reality by possessing an unconscious host. Temporary possession imbues the host with an euphoric feeling of power. Unless the proper rituals are observed, the possession is permanent, and Eyghon will be born from within the host. Once called, Eyghon can also take possession of the dead, but its demonic energy soon disintergrates the host and it must jump to the nearest dead or unconscious person to continue living.
Order Of Taraka: Their credo is to sow discord and kill the unwary. They're a breed apart...Unlike vampires, they have no earthly desires except to collect their bounty. They find their target and eliminate it. You can kill as many of them as you like. It won't make any difference where there is one, there will be another. And another. They won't stop coming until the job is done. Each one of them works alone. His own way. Some of them are even human. Some are not. We won't know who they are...until they strike.

Ted: A man named Ted was a genius when it came to computers and was able to build a robot of himself before he died. He nearly turned Joyce into his latest wife. He was bashed and put out on the scrap heap by Buffy. Very creepy type that drugged his food to make everyone all mellow. He won't be missed.
Bezoar: Prehistoric parasite the mother hibernates underground laying eggs. The offspring attaches themselves to a host by taking control of their motor functions through neural clamping.
The Judge: It's a legend way before my time of the demon brought forth to rid the world of the plague of humanity. To seperate the righteous from the wicked and to burn the righteous down. They call him The Judge. He couldn't be killed. An army was sent against him most of them died but finally they were able to dismember him but not kill him. Pieces were scattered and buried in every corner of the world. His touch can literally burn the humanity out of you. A true creature of evil can survive the process no human ever has. No weapon forged can kill him. Modern technology created the rocket launcher which did quite nicely in blowing him up although the collecting of parts afterwards was quite nasty.
Werewolf: Not necessarily an evil creature. Oz was bit by his cousin Jordy which cursed him to this fate. Upon hearing about it he made arrangements to keep him safely away from humans when the change was upon him. Each time there was a full moon he would lock himself up so no one would get hurt. However, like people werewolves can be evil too like Veruca who thought she was better than regular people. Well she met a very messy end. Oz was able to get a handle on his wolfiness but Willow brought it out of him so he left town. His whereabouts are unknown.
Der Kindestod: The name means child death. He feeds off children by sucking the life out of them. Afterwards it looks like they died because they were sick.
Fish Monsters: A coach desperate for a winning team drugged them all with fish DNA and who knows what else in the steam to make his team the best. However, there was a horrible side effect since it got them in touch with their inner halibut. Luckily most of the team was able to be cured and the others went home to the ocean but not without giving their coach a proper send off by eating him. It's pretty nasty because the creature pops out of the person leaving behind the person's skin totally intact. It's also smelly not to mention really gross.
Acathla: The demon came forth to swallow the world. He was killed by a virtuous knight that pierced the demon's heart before he could draw breath to perform the act. Acathla turned to stone as demons sometimes do.
Whistler: An immortal demon sent to even the score between good and evil. A squat little guy with a Brooklyn accent and fedora to hold much sway in the battles between Hell and Earth. He turns Angel's life around and sets him on the path to battling good.
Ken: He appeared to be some guy that was helping homeless kids but beneath the goofy exterior was a demon that was a warden of a Hellish dimension where the homeless kids were worked until they were too old. One day outside equals one hundred there so they would only be gone a day before being sent back old and dying.
Ovo Mavoni: Able to bring the dead back to life; can manifest himself incarnate into anyone who wears the mask.
Kulak: A yellow skinned demon that is able to pop out bone knives from his arms. One was a participant in SlayerFest 98.
Lurconis: The tribute is made every thirty years. It's a ritual feeding and this one's late so it's probably you know a big meal. Lurconis eats babies. Lurconis dwells beneath the city. Lurconis means glutton and we'll find it in the sewers.
Lagos: A demon that was searching for the glove but the evil Watcher got to it first and was able to have her lightning fun until her hand was cut off and she met a painful end.
Anyanka: A patron saint of scorned women. She grants wishes. In order to defeat Anyanka one must destroy her power center. This should reverse all the wishes she's granted rendering her mortal and powerless.
D'Hoffryn: One of the lower beings with the power to elevate mortals to demons. He is the one that turned Aud into Anyanka and into a vengeance demon in 880.
Skyler: A demon that tried to sell the Books Of Ascension and was later killed by Faith. He was a harmless sort and it's totally understandable that he was trying to defend himself against the psycho Faith.
Shaman: An old pal of Giles who he just so happened to introduce him to his wife and repaid the favor by pretending to remove Angel's soul so that they could find out the Mayor's plans.
Scabby: Mouthless demons and one of them infects Buffy with their mind reading aspect which sounds a lot better than it actually was. Having no control over the power can drive a person mad and the only cure is to kill the demon and eat the heart.
Hellhounds: Brainwashed beasties trained to kill anyone in formal wear.
Hansel And Gretel: Appears to people as two murdered children. Once the bodies are found they whip the town up into a frenzy leading to death and witch hunts. Luckily there were no casualties when it came to town and it was revealed to be a ugly giant big thing. Buffy put the post through it and killed it and the town went back to normal.
Sisterhood Of The Jhe: Blue skinned with pointy ears and dreadlocks; possessing super strength. A cult of demons set on bringing about the end of the world.
Hellmouth Beastie: The snakey thing that bursts out of the Hellmouth. A real ugly thing with tentacles.
Balthazar: A big ugly creature that is in serious need of a StairMaster.
Olvocan: Massive snake demon who ascends to Earth from the form of Mayor Richard Wilkins; able to breathe fire; must devour humans to survive its manifestation on the mortal plane.
The Ritual Of Mok' Tagar: A race of interdimensional demons involves the forced digesting of animal's blood while the victim slumbers. But while the Mok' Tagar can assume any forms and guises including human, they can also be recognized by others of their kind due to a lack of a soul.
Gem Of Amarra: It's like the vampire equivalent to the Holy Grail. A source of some enormous power. There was a great deal of vampiric interest in locating the gem oh during the 10th century. Questing vampires combed the earth but no one found it. It was concluded that it never existed. It resides in the Valley of the Sun. Demon fancy talk for Sunnydale where it was found in an underground crypt.
Gachnar: Mark of Gachnar and blood will summon him. It feeds on fear. Its presence affects the reality around it. The summoning spell for Gachnar can be shut down one of two ways destroying the Mark of Gachnar is not one of them and will in fact immediately bring forth the fear demon itself. The demon is actual size in the picture.
I am the Dark Lord of Nightmares! The Bringer of Terror! Tremble before me! Fear me! Tremble! I bring the terror. Where's the fear? They're all gonna abandon you, you know.
Hus: Chumash vengeance warrior spirit. He's pissed as hell and let's it be known by giving Xander a bunch of diseases when he's released and he's out for blood and does some killing and removes the ears for trophies.
Sapavro: Drowning is the only way to kill it. A real ugly thing with really big teeth and tufts of hair and black knobbing things all over it.
Unnamed: Big thing with two horns and pointy ears with scaley thing sorta like a lizard.
Unnamed: Two horns sticking straight up with sparse hair.
Unnamed: Red skin with horns all over his head with batlike ears.
Gentlemen: Can't even shout. Can't even cry. The gentlemen are coming by. Looking in windows, knocking on doors. They need seven and they might take yours. Can't call to mom. Can't say a word. You're gonna die screaming and you won't be heard. The only way to kill these creepy things is to scream which means the box has to be broken which releases the voices and their heads go all splat which is very gross.
Vahrall: Slick like gall, and gird in moonlight...Father of portents and brother to blight....Limbs with talons, eyes like knives...Bane to the blameless, thief of lives. Check the authenticity of your artifacts so you don't end up like Giles did. An ancient ritual uses the blood of a man, the bones of a child, and the Word of Valios (not a book but a talisman), and the sacrifice of Three. The three claw boys jump into the Hellmouth as the sacrifice along with the other ingredients.
Fryal: Tufty ears with two ramlike horns. Their thinking goes along the thinking of, "Like to crush. Crush now." They have paralyzing mucus that shoots out through the nose and sets in fast hard as rock. Pretty good in a fight. They feel a mindless need to destroy, anger and rage consumes them sort of a foot soldier type that works for other demons a lot of the time. Very strong and hey mucus. Kill with a weapon made of silver. Snapping necks and making everyone dead is their line of thinking.
Polgara: When threatened bone skewers jut from the creature's arms during battle. They're not sentient just destructive. They do have keen eyesight. Big and strong and fish monstery in appearance. They have ridges on head, back, arms, and legs. They also have sharp teeth and need to eat every two hours. They have very low IQ's.
Unnamed: Head like an octopus with tentacles coming out of their chin. Very strong and loving their battle axes. Electrocution works nicely when killing them.
Adam: Bits and pieces of demons with some human and computer mixed in. When he woke up he stabbed his Mother Maggie Walsh with his skewer that she so thoughtfully provided him with. He doesn't eat. He only kills but never to eat the kill. His power source is not biological at all. There's a small resovoir of Uranium 235. Essentially will last forever. It also means that cutting his head off is useless.
Superstar Demon: When Jonathan does a spell to augment himself he creates a demon that's scabby, big and ugly with long arms and lumpy. The mark is a part of an augmentation spell. The spell turns the sorcerer into a sort of paragon. The best of everything, everyone's ideal, but there's a drawback. In order to balance the new force of good, the spell has to add the opposing force of evil, the worst of everything. Everyone's nightmare.
Toth: Ancient demon very strong last survivor of the Tothric Clan. He's also unusually sophisticated for a demon. He does not fight barehanded. He uses tools. He's also very focused. He's tall, dressed in a robe, his skin hanging off, a deep voice, green glowing teeth and eyes. He has a creepy stick thing that splits people in two. The rod devise is called a Thermognica. It splits one person in half distilling personality traits into two seperate beings. The two halfs cannot exist without each other. Kill the weaker one and they both die.
Layoff: Once a proud warrior race. Now they frequent hospitals looking for sick weakly types to suck the bone marrow from. They have supperating sores all over their faces and talk in a barking way. Their skin is grayish in color and they have bad teeth and long gross black tongues.
Sobek: A few thousand years ago there was this cult the Temple of Sobek. Reptile demon. Sobekites were reptile worshippers. Their high priest Kull had great mystic powers he forged an amulet with transmorgrifying crystal. Transmorgrifying is changing a living thing into a different kind of thing.
Quellar: A sort of scavenger that can be summoned to kill crazy people. A giant slug like creature with a big mouth and the teeth to match. It is kinda like a roach since it has a shell on its back. It slithers around like a snake and tends to travel on the ceiling. It also spits mucusy stuff that the victim chokes on and dies from. It has red eyes.
Olaf the Troll: When he was with Aud he was a cheater so she did her first act of vengeance by turning him into a troll. He's a big guy with green skin and orange hair and beard with a very large hammer that later came in quite handy. He is supposedly in Troll Land or some other alternate reality.
Glory/Ben: AKA The Beast. A Hell God that was banished because she was too powerful. She was placed into a human body which was her prison. She was able to escape part of the time so Glory searched for the Key which was her way back home. When Ben took control after Buffy kicked Glory's ass Giles finished the job by killing Ben which prevents Glory from making a return visit.
Doc: Appears to be human except for a tail along with a long ass tongue. He is a booky type big with the knowledge and also a big Glory fan. His place smells like Grandpa and he looks like one. This is deceptive because he's fast and his eyes change to black. He is big on the whole magick thing. A sword through the chest won't kill him. He was thrown off the tower by Buffy and it's unknown whether he's dead or not.
Ghora: It lives in the sewer and kinda looks like a dinosaur. It has giant spikes on the back with a long tail. It has three heads and many sharp teeth. Its blood is blue.
Hellion: Road pirates they raid towns, use them up, burn them down it's usually backwaters any place they think is vulnerable. They squeal. They are big ugly things with filed teeth and piercings. They have black strips on their heads and are like a motorcycle gang only of the demonic persuasion. They all have tatoos and have red eyes and razor claws on their hands that pop out like Freddie Krueger. They are not anatomically compatible and tend to tear up the girls.
Hitchhiker: A standard way to travel through dimensions. Some demon or thing sees someone moving through worlds and grabs on for the ride.
Thaumogenesis: When doing a spell it actually creates a demon in this case it was like a side effect. I guess like a price. Think of it like the world doesn't like you getting something for free and asking for Buffy was this huge gift. And so the world said fine but if you have that you have to take this too and it made the demon. It's out of phase with this dimension. Its consciousness is here but its body is caught in the ether between existing and non existing. The demon is temporary it dissipates. The only way to survive on this plane is to kill the subject of the spell.
M'Fashnik: Green guy with spikes. He's lizardy looking. They come from a long line of mercenary demons that perform acts of slaughter and mayhem for the highest dealer. He also has pointy filed bad yellow teeth.
Melty: They are summoned with panpipes but when they are killed they melt and disappear which is great for that no mess thing but hard to explain when they just disappear from the construction site. They cost Buffy her job and this was the second of the tests the Nerd Herd imposed upon her.
Clem: He looks sort of like a pig and has floppy ears. He has red eyes and has rolls of flab on his arms. He is quite a nice guy although he likes to gamble with kittens which makes no sense. He's quirky and likes cartoons and food testing. He also likes hot wings and Knight Rider. A real sweetie that finally swore off kittens and was last seen he was looking pretty darn svelte.
Sweet: This guy has been around forever. He is summoned with a necklace so be careful of what jewelry you're putting on or you may wind up in Hell as his Queen. He is a sharp dresser with red skin and a pointy chin and he's quite the singer. People reveal things in song and there reaches a point where the person starts dancing and they don't stop until self combustion occurs.
Loan Shark: A sharky looking creature that's a loan shark and after Spike for his debts. He seems like an ok type and even offers Buffy a job which of course she refuses.
Wig Lady: An old lady with a wig hiding the snakey monster thing that freezes the victim in place by spitting on them. She has a taste for Doublemeat Palace employees. Her snake was grinded in the meat grinder making all employees safe again.
Halfreck: Nickname Hallie and one of Anya's oldest friends. When she was human the William was madly in love with her and wrote poetry about his dear Cecily. A vengeance demon that grants wishes. She prefers to be called a justice demon. She is also considered a great beauty. She was killed when Anya decided to become human again although Anya didn't think it would be her friend's soul that D'Hoffryn would take. A soul of a vengeance demon has to be given up not the one that is doing the asking.
Rsuasundi: Very rare. Its presence in our dimension causes a sort of localized disturbance. AKA time goes all David Lynch. Human perception is based on a linear chronology. Being exposed for more than a few seconds can cause vivid hallucinations and a slight tingly scalp.
Older And Far Away: It has red skin with huge black hair and spikes all over its head. It can shift into and out of reality. It has a battle axe and a shiny sword that it popped into and was later accidentally released when they were trying to escape the house. It was killed by Buffy when she poked it with the sword when it hid in the wall.
Savoldi: Rare. Lethal. Nearly extinct but not nearly enough. They're breeders one turns into ten, ten becomes a hundred. This gets out of hand and there's a war with humans the humans are gonna lose. It is scaley with a giant snout thing. It has a tail and stands upright and can jump really high. It is also very fast and has yellow blood and some really nasty teeth. It came to the Hellmouth to spawn. Freeze the eggs or they will hatch too soon. Their spawn look like giant bugs but a grenade will kill them in a pinch.
Krovan: One of Anya's demon pals from the old days. He has a bumpy face with frizzy hair. He seems like a nice guy and Cousin Carol seemed to like him. Potential sparkage there.
Stewie Burns: One of Anyanka's victims from Chicago in 1914 that she punished. He can look like an old man but his demon form is a giant spikey thing with green skin. He was smashed by one of the pillars but he didn't go poof so it was suggested that he be covered with flowers but that was before it was announced that the wedding was off He came back to get his revenge on Anya and scared Xander off with some illusions that played on some very real fears that had been brewing for quite some time.
Glarghk Gulhmast: Injects with a pokey stinger a poison. The victim shifts between reality and their greatest fear. Super strength and ugly as hell with  a bald, slimy head. Really bad yellow teeth with tentacle like things around his neck. Freaky yellow eyes that are slimy looking. Its posion can be cured because it carries the antidote in his poker thing.
Nezlor: AKA Puff N Stuff. Slimey big reptilian thing that guards magickal balls that render the wearer invulnerable. Electric jolts kill them quite nicely. They are able to go through the magickal barrier anyone else gets curly fried. That is where the Orbs of Nezlacon have been for centuries until the Nerd Herd striked. The balls got smashed.
Seer: Green glowing eyes with long nails. It lives in a cave somewhere in Africa: It is tall with a spike on each shoulder and has a long tail. It grants requests if you pass the Three Trials. The first trial is a fight to the death with a big guy with flamey hands. Don't touch the hands because that leads to owiness. The second trial is a fight with some ugly demons to the death of course. The third trial is a bunch of bugs crawling all over you and in you. Once you make it through all three you can get what you most desire. He is the one that gave Spike his soul back minus a curse like another soul having vampire.
Second Trial: It is grayish brown with horns above its ears. It has black eyes and kinda looks like the stereotypical alien.
Proserpexa: Way up there in the hierarchy of she demons. Her followers intended to use her effigy to destroy the world. They all died when the temple got swallowed up in the big earthquake of 32.
Earth Monsters: They were summoned up by Willow when she went all black eyed girl. They are made of the earth with roots and are tree like with long pokey things for hands. They are pretty easy to kill but since earth is all around they just keep coming.
Manifest Spirits: They are formed by a talisman and are raised to seek vengeance. If you destroy the talisman the spell will be broken. They can cause damage and reappear at will and aren't too pretty to look at. They mostly look like rotted corpses that have been reanimated but with more power since they can't go poof until the talisman is destroyed.
Slagoff: Very large. Very nasty. Natural predator who died around the Crusades. A wish was made and Anyanka granted it by turning the ex boyfriend into a giant worm monster thing. He was turned back and the only damage was to the guy who got impaled and the sidewalk of course and the fact that he ate the poor dog.
Gnarl: He's a parasite with these nasty long fingernails. He secretes something through them and uses that to paralyze his victims. He then cuts strips of their skin while they're still alive. It takes hours. He eats them it's like his natural food. He laps up the blood it's like his natural beverage. The paralysis is permanent but it ends when the creature dies. He is kinda like Gollum in a way except for the whole flesh eating thing. You can kill it by gouging it in the eye with your thumbs but there is an ick factor so wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
Abilas: Big with two horns one on each side of its head. Very strong. Scaly and grayish in color. It has a pointy chin and pointy shoulders. Not a friend of fire it went up whoosh quick.
Giant Creepy Spider: It rips out the heart of its victims. It has very sticky webbing. It hops like a bunny and it's very fast.
Turokhan AKA Ubervamp: A ugly creature that is not big with the people skills well the fact that it in no way resembles anything human. Primordial feriously powerful killing machine. Single minded animals. They are the vampires that vampires fear. An ancient and entirely different race and not a myth. An agent of the First. Stronger but the big turnoff is still the sun but holy water doesn't really seem to have all that much of an affect. You do need a bigger stake to kill them but ultimately they go poof too. Apparently they don't need an invite since they seem to have an all access pass to come on in.
Demon Assassin: Ugly lumpy thing that D'Hoffyrn sent to kill Anya. Said to keep coming until the job is done. This one slacked off because he was never seen again. But the whole thing with the First probably meant that it was busy elsewhere.
Unnamed: When the Shadow Caster spell was cast a demon was sent back in the portal after Buffy went through. Very big and strong. With spikes and dangling things and tusks. It kicked Spike's ass but he kicked his ass dead in the end.
Beljoxa's Eye: An oracle type of creature that exists in a dark dimension. An internal vortex, more like. Only demons can enter the gateway. Or an ex-demon with some connections. A creepy looking thing with many eyes. Oddly it doesn't have a mouth although it talks and is in a cage.
It cannot be fought. It cannot be killed. The First Evil has been and will always will be since before the universe was born, long after there is nothing else it will go on. What am I talking to myself here? There's no way. The eye sees not the future, only the truths of the now and before. The opportunity has only recently presented itself. The mystical forces surrounding the chosen live have been irrevocably altered, become unstable, vulnerable. The First Evil did not cause the disruption, only seized upon it to extinguish the lives of the chosen forever. The Slayer.
Torg: Anya broke his heart even though he doesn't have one. He is red with ears that poke out and he has a seriously bad skin condition above his yellow eyes. He and Anya only had one night together. They met at a massacre they were both invited to and he hit on her and after she had a few drinks they had sex. She was wearing entrails although he remembers her wearing pink which is sorta true. He opened the portal to Beljoxa's Eye. He is totally turned off by Anya's human form not even for all the kittens in Korea would he be the slightest bit interested in having sex with her now. He has a thing for lepers and probably enjoys those with bad skin. Owns some sort of demon establishment. He has a pokey thing in his hand and ripping a piece of flesh off along with a chant opened the portal.

Piasca: A flesh eating Indian demon that enters victims through the mouth and eviserates them from within.
Talamour: A burrower demon that has been around since the dawn of time, a parasite that moves from body to body. When it starts to leave one body for the next, the first one turns into a big old floppy mass of skin.
Dr Ronald Meltzer: Not really a demon but majorly gross. He is a psycho that can take his parts apart and has a thing for stalking. He is now in pieces buried under concrete so it's unlikely that he'll be heard from again.
Kallif: Griff a guy with ridges and a bud tude.
Allen Loyd: A polytheist which means the guy worships many demons which is not of the good since demons in general are evil although there are some exceptions to the rule.
Ano-Movic: They were once a violent, nomadic tribe, but they reputedly gave up their orthodox traditions and language at the turn of the century. Now they own a large number of restaurants with pretty damn expensive windows but eat familiar things like chicken for family get togethers. Their native language is Arastuscan. Beware they may eat your ex-husband's brains if they aren't totally peaceful and are looking to get back into some of their old traditions.
Book Of Keslor: Mohra demons are assassins who take out warriors on the side of good. They need vast quantities of salt to live and their veins run with the blood of eternity. If they're killed they regenerate and are bigger and stronger. To slay the beast one must bring the darkness to the thousand eyes. They can also make a vampire become human again.
Brachen: They look like blue pinheaded humans. One of the clans lived in Oregon woods for a time. They're reputed to have a great sense of direction.
Lister: They look a little like the zombies in the Thriller video. The clan in LA is trying to get Briole to join others of their kind. Their ancient prophecies foretell the coming of the Promised One who will save them from the Scoure in the final days of this century. Some can pass for human while others can't.
The Scourge: A nazi-like army of purebred demons dedicated to wiping out all half-demons. They are led by Trask and Tiernan, who has devised the Beacon as the ultimate weapon.
Kungai: They are a powerful race of yellow-green Asian demons whose Tak horn sucks the life force out of an enemy. This is the kind of demon that ripped off Wes's arm in the alternate reality.
Empath: Barney a demon that can read people's minds.
Haxil Beast "Haxil Daemonica": It impregnates human women via human men, then telepathically controls the women via its link to the unborn children. It's huge, and neither fire nor decapitation will kill it but liquid nitrogen works just fine and you get to smash it afterwards.
Tarval: It gestates inside a large curved cocoon and claws its way out and it's very slimy.
Kovitch: These beings hail from the Caucasus.
Oden Tal: Another dimension. To keep the women subservient, the Vigories, a male contingent, amputate their KO, which is a ridged back structure giving the individual personality and will. Female Oden Tal burn with desire and life force when they mature, and are extremely hazardous to be around until they learn to cool down since they can burn you to a crisp if you touch them.
Ehros: A demon that inhabits humans and sends them on rampages. The famous New England killer Lizzie Borden was inhabited by an adolescent Ethros when she hacked her family to pieces. They excrete Plakiticine, and by the amount of Plakiticine present at a site, one can determine the approximate maturity of the possessing Ethros. Its presence can be revealed by feeding the demon's host Psylis Eucalipis powder. They can be contained within an Ethros box, which is made of six hundred species of virgin wood and crafted by blind Tibetan monks.
Kek: A type of hibernating demon that is now extinct. A knife emblazoned with the Mark of Kekfadlorem was the only weapon that could kill them.
Kwani: They are generally peaceful, balancing demons. They're incredibly articulate, gentle, non violent and always female. Their adrenal glands are usually the size of a walnut. The addictive drug the Kwani were taking in LA contained Eye of Newt, probably added for taste. It had an effect on them similar to that of people on PCP with increased strength and violent behavior. To dispose of them, they should be buried in virgin soil with a simple Latinate incantation.
Howler: They are bald with very white skin, slime, and smell sulfuric. Their hands are clawlike and they emite an eerie high pitched howl or wail, probably in preparation for fighting or mating.
Tom Crib: He has green skin and amphibianlike features including a tongue like a frog.

Val Trepkos: He is very strong and muscular, with a bony crest on his head.
Lasovic: He is not too friendly and not much for making conversation. He is large and powerful.
Mellish: He appears to be the weakest of the lot and is fairly humanoid except for the horns that project from his forehead.
Baker: He seems to be the same type of demon as Mellish.
Madame Dorion's Brothel: Staffed by demon prostitutes mainly for the pleasure of human males in Bel Air. Lina is a demon with quills for hair and a very talented tail. Most of the demons are humanoid and are lithe and clad in lingerie.
Mofo: He is huge and silent and strong enough to stand up to Angel's best shots. He even manages to get a few blows in the ribs before Angel brings him down.
Pregotthian: Guards the vault at Wolfram & Hart. They also have a Shaman who can tell when a vampire enters the place just by a sniff.
Vocah: A Darth Maul-like being, a warrior of the underworld. He is capable of great harm with just a single touch or a swipe of the scythe. The Scroll of Aberjian can stop him, when the words of Anitole are read from it.
The Host/Lorne: Green skin, blonde hair, flashy clothes, and invaluable aid to Angel and the others. He helps people and demons find their paths, and keeps his ear to the demonic underground for information. He reads people's auras when they sing.
Prio Motu: Ancient Ofga-beasts bred to maim and massacre. Kamal was a rare exception to this rule, which is what made him a good champion for Jo until Angel killed him. For more info look in Suleman's Compendium.
Carynss: They look like Kwani at first sight but they are horned and enjoy beheading people.
Caritas: A haven for demons where they coexist in peace, whatever their personal habits may be.
Thesulac: A paranoia demon with chalky skin, wearing a dark hooded clock. It whispers to its victims, feeding on their innate insecurities. The one haunting the Hyperion had claimed the land even before the original building was constructed.

Turfog: A mush monster. He grows between pillars like a giant spider in a web and is repulsively slimy. His accolytes battle furiously over how best to worship him.
Davric: Yeska demands a virgin sacrifice in return for granting power to the one offering the sacrifice on his/her fiftieth birthday. She's a heavyset demon with blue skin and a wild shock of white hair.
Unseen and Unnamed: It is said to be more than twenty feet tall with two heads and it can breathe fire from both ends apparently.
Boone: A very strong blue-skinned demon who dresses and acts like a cowboy. He can extend metal coils around his hands like built in brass knuckles.
Lubber: A plain dressing end of the world sect with an astonishing grasp of physics.
Wainakay: Goes after the Bointons, but only because a family member has hired it to.
Kleynach: Lots of dark entities use the form of a Kleynach to manifest because a Kleynach doesn't have to rely on being conjured or brought forth. They can come and go as they please with the ring. They are really hard to destroy and are resistant to most attacks.
Skilosh: A notoriously, violent, asexual, self-replicating species of demon, has the distasteful habit of injecting its demon spawn into the cranium of a human host. One of the key diagnostic symptoms being the telltale third eye on the back of the host's head. If this condition is not arrested in time, a newborn Skilosh will erupt, fully grown, from the skull of its human host.
Pockla: They are demon healers who know how to regenerate flesh and oh yes they work for the Evil Empire.
Haklar: A big bloated thing. The Haklar, descended from the Klenzan Order of demons, can weigh as much as three tons as an adult male. It wakes from its hibernation during alternating full moons only to feed and mate, often simultaneously. Incapable of traditional speech, the Haklar race has learned to communicate with each other via a complex pattern of carefully timed facial tics, not dissimilar to our own Morse Code. The Haklar prefers a warm moist clime where it can...You can kill it with your standard slice and dice.
Seekul: Hellbeast with mottled skin and a reddish brown mane. They are like a hunting dog trained to fetch but not to destroy. They are found in Pylea which is a demon dimension and pretty much Hell if you're a human.
Van-tals: They are vampires of a sort. Their hearts are in their chests instead of their rumps. They are found in Pylea.
Mu-rite: Very stinky Prince of the Underworld. A sub species of the Lu-rite. The male sports a small, telltale fin just behind the third shoulder.
Sur-hod: Life sucking demon monks that Angel comes across when he's trying to have a little alone time dealing with the death of Buffy. He killed them all which actually turned out to be very theraputic for him.
Slog: Some kind of doctor demon that collects rare organs. He cut out James's heart which made him invincible. It lasts maybe six hours and then he's dust.
Chinese Couple: They run a herbal shop and are working with the forces of good. They can sense vampires. They were protecting the coin which is used with the key to open a portal to a demon dimension. They not only do the fancy flipping thing but have large metal fingernails that pop out. They are pretty darn spry and fight pretty damn good. They also weren't wearing their, "We're the Good Guys!" badges.
Boil Guy: Working with the forces of good protecting the key which us used with the coin protected by the Chinese couple. He also wasn't wearing his badge.
Swami Guy: He was hired by Wolfram & Hart to hack into Cordy's head and give her killer visions. The top of his head was gone so his brain was all out in the open and it bubbled when he worked the mojo and he also levitated. He wore one of those hat's that sort of looks like a lamp shade. He was killed by Angel after he fixed Cordy.
Skip: Big with a huge ring through his chin. Greyish and the guard of Billy. He seemed to be one of the good guys working for TPTB and is responsible for turning Cordy into a Higher Power. He also offered Cordy an alternate life as a famous actress which she turned down and instead got dosed with demon DNA which later most likely helped in the taking over of her body by an evil being. He also was able to slip a blade out of his hand. He was killed by Wesley by shooting him in the spot where Angel had ripped off his ear so apparently there was at least one weakness in this guy of steel.

Samuel Larch: He was fully assimilated. No history of violence. No threat to anyone. He was killed by Rondell and his crew of demon hungry killers not caring about good or bad demons.
Yarbnie: Giant slimy looking kinda like a hotdog thing that likes Big Gulps. He was killed by Rondell and his crew. They are balancing entities that tend to nest in urban areas, under roadways. They are utterly non-violent.
Transooning Furies: Three sisters that cast the Sanctuary Spell. They also have the hots for Angel. You mention his name and they'll do anything but of course they also go mmm at the mention of his name so be prepared.
Unnamed: Red skin and a beige maskey looking thing around the eyes with a spike jutting from its chin. The eyes totally match the skin. It also likes to chat and may like to eat babies but it's also not very smart.
Unnamed: Kinda a blueish gray with a flat nose and a v shaped mouth. Seemed to be a weakling but its head splits open and out pops a gigantic bug thing with spikes on its back. It bites the heads off its victims. It was shot dead by Rondell one of Gunn's old pals but not before it took a bite off the annoying guy.
Marcus: An old man that suffered from many heart attacks and was a pretty mean and bitter man with no friends. He found a way to escape his old body by taking over other guy's younger bodies. The body would wear out and go kerplop. He took over Angel's body but was returned to his own and soon after suffered from yet another heart attack. It is unknown whether he survived heart attack number six.

Durslar: Big thing liking the sewers. Decaptitation works nicely. They usually don't put up much of a fight. They have green blood and very nasty heads that shouldn't be taken as a trophy. Being implanted with giant bug babies makes them a bit crazy.
Giant Bug Thing: Slimy nasty things that are a hive species and are gender neutral. They laid the babies eggs in the Durslar's head. The babies look a bit like roaches.
Billy: He was trapped in an impenetrable cube of Hellfire in a heavily guarded demon dimension. Angel was forced to get him out because the evil lawyers were giving Cordy killer visions. He was shot by Lilah.
Arney: A construction guy that did some work in Caritas. He has red eyes and can play back anyone's voice. He went to Sahjean and told him where Darla was.
Dr Fetvanovich: Comes from Wolfram & Hart's satelite office in the Balkans. The world's foremost specialist in paranormal obstectrics. He also enjoys dissecting. But no longer because he ended up getting killed by Holtz.
Grapplers: They're soulless beasts bred only to maim and kill. They have wicked tempers. They have big tusks. They are mercenaries willing to kill for anyone who meets their price.
Lilliard: Waxy looking funky fellas in hooded cloaks. Their fun is making a magickal broth from the bones of human children. They use strong magick and are able to break through the Transooning Furies spell. Their magick is directly linked to the lunar cycle.
No Eyed Three Mouthed Monster: Likes to eat people and nearly ate Cynthia York of Reseda when she did a spell wrong. Let that be a lesson to you don't drink Diet Coke when you're planning to do a spell because spilling will cause major badness if you decide to improvise. She was saved by Cordy, Wes, and Gunn. It is reptillian looking and very strong.
Cordelia Chase: Since the visions were kiling her and she refused to give them up even after being shown her dream life she was dosed with demon DNA. No pain when visions struck only floatiness and the occasional glowy thing. She was also able to stop psycho boy from killing her by giving him a kind of soul colonic. Sadly she was taken over by an evil being that gave birth to itself and put her in a coma from which she never woke and ended up dying about a year later.
Nahdrahs: Chrome face plates that speak in clicks and pops and a hint of dolphin. They also love puzzles. They're not born so much as disgorged. They came to Angel and the gang because they wanted one of their traditional puzzles solved to give to the Prince. They wanted to cut off Fred's head and give it to the ailing Prince. The head wears out every so often so they cut off someone else's and give them a new one but only someone that can solve one of their puzzles.
Sorialus The Ravager: She has six breasts and is coming to destory the humans that killed her mate.
Count Kurksov: He has unnatural power. He kept all the dancers from 1890 until 2002 and forced them to perform the same performance over and over again. He was a wizard. He was obsessed with the girl. When he found her with Stefan he went insane with jealous rage, pulled her out of time, out of any reality beyond his theater, his company. He swore she would dance for him forever. He created a temporal shift which just can't exist. It has to be maintained. That requires power and concentration. If he can be overloaded somehow, the real world would come back. His power source must be found and destroyed. The way to do that was to get the girl to change the ending and do something new. It freed the girl's spirit along with the other dancers.
Seneed: A disgusting spiney thing that arises from the midcity area some time before nightfall. It manifests in its physical form for one purpose only to feed. Immediately upon rising it will go to ground to search for a victim. It resembles the Blachna which nests in the scumpits of Earth and Groo has slain many of them. Tracking it will be simple but killing it more difficult. When it is killed it melts and disappears.
Root Crazy Evil Tree: It tracks its victims via the net. Emailing back and forth until they agree to meet and it sucks them down into the bottom of the tree. It has a DSL connection and chats up lonely hearts online and sucks them down for food. It has a big old leathery joint thing that sucks the life out of its victims. It is made of flesh not wood and vampire doesn't agree with it. Hacking it doesn't do any good because it doesn't have any vital organs. It uses people as batteries. It draws its power from its vitcims and if it pokes a vampire in the chest it gets dead pretty darn quick.
Wraith-ers: They can make themselves look human for a time ten days, two weeks then they revert to what they really are. They infected Kim when they were posing as a band. To clear up the infection take 20 mililgrams of Cylenthiam powder twice a day for a month.
Sahjean: In the past they were all about torture and death. They caused a lot of chaos so they were changed. They were immaterial. Now they watch and they can no longer touch. They can travel back and forth in time. You can capture them in a special urn. They're expensive and hard to come by but quite effective. It traps their essence inside.
Benny: A demon with a pink hard that's shaped weird. He's a lackey of The Man and he rips off body parts among other things.
Repo Man: A classy sounding demon that collects peoples souls when the time comes to repay their debt.
Monica and Syd Fryzylka: A couole with a squatter in their lair that comes to Angel and the gang for help. A sweet old couple that has been married for 300 years but they are still madly in love. They even finish each other's insults. He has a problem with sputum and possibly phlem even though he won't admit it. He's a bit of a flirt but all in all they are harmless.
Skench: They take over house and drive the people out. Not at all like a leprechaun. They shriek all night and spew projectile phlem. Lopping off its head will kill it. They are pretty damn strong. They also spew pretty good when you put a sword through its chest so stand to the side to avoid the mess.
The Man: He gives you what you want in exchange for your soul. You sign a blood oath. You don't have to give it up right away but in the future someone will come to collect. If you are falling in love they will come running. You must state that you do it of your own free will and then you shake on it. He wears a ring which has a pokey thing which draws blood which is stamped on the contract. He is the owner of Jenoff's which is big with the demons. He goes for the soul with two fingers at the eyes. If you cut off his head he grows a new one. He makes a horrible shrieking sound while it grows back. At that time he is vulnerable and the whole casino goes after him while Angel and the gang skedaddles.
Thaumogenesis: The blacker the spell the higher the price. They are clear buggy looking things that can possess a person. They are very thirsty and don't like heat. It was the price for making Sahjean solid so the darker you go the worse it gets. Give alcohol to the person possessed to pop it out. The alcohol dehydrates the body which causes the slug to pop out. If the slug isn't ejected the person turns into a big old pile of sand. Glowy Cordy destroys them all with her cool new power.
Connor/Geraldo/Steven: The son of Darla and Angel who was taken to Quortoth by Daniel Holtz who raised him there. He comes back about eight months later at the age of eighteen. He comes home bent on killing Daddy in his Daniel Boone outfit. He also collects ears as trophies and has a string of trophies from things he has killed. He came with a stake throwing thing that was strapped to his wrist. He is not big with the talking but he does fight extremely well inheriting many of his dad's qualities. He is the only child in history born to vampire parents. He has the killer hearing, sense of smell, and strength. Unlike his parents he doesn't go poof in the sunlight. The Sanctuary Spell works on him because of his demony heritage. After killing his daugther Jasmine he is about to check out permanently by blowing himself and others including Cordy up. Dad steps in and arranges things so he has a normal family life which erased him from everyone's minds but Angel, Eve, and Lilah.
Mistress Meerna: A blue haired chick that is difficult to find because she keeps popping away not able to stay in one place very long. It is a nasty side effect in dealing with dimensional magick.
Lach-nie: It has six horns and really comes through if one owes you a favor.
Lee Demarco: He was a second rate longue magician until he got his hands on something legitmately mystical. Now he's a first rate psychopath bent on destroying lives. The first time Lorne refused him he blew out a girl's brains. He used Lorne to read members of the audience to find valuable destinies. The ones picked got invited to play a Spin to Win game. Only it's not a game it's a scamola. Then their destinies are imprinted on the chips and that old black magick wheel is tricked out to never pay off. The house always wins and everybody loses, their futures, their destinies. They get offered up to an extremely black global market and sold to anyone willing to pay big money to change his or her life. Nothing happens to them. They got no purpose, no direction, unable to accomplish or succeed at anything ever again. Most of them never leave and some never even get out of the casino. They feed coins into the slots never winning anything. He was shut down and all the destines were restored.
Unnamed: It was summoned by the professor and if you cut its head off it grows another one. Dismember it to avoid the whole annoyingness of another head popping up.
Joe: One of Lorne's clients that had the nasty habit of snacking on humans. He appears human until he gets hungry. His face opens up and some nasty teeth appear with this sucker thing which is eager for some serious snacking. Major drool issues when he smells a tasty morsel. He was seriously killed by Cordy even though she was suffering from amnesia at the time.
The Beast: A big giant thing made out of lava rock with two giant horns. It rose out of the place where Connor was born. There was a rain of fire among other weird things. The Wolfram & Hart lawyers were all slaughtered and turned into zombies which is one of its special skills. The minion of Cordy who is possessed in the baddest way possible. It was finally killed by Angelus ironically who used the Beast's knife that he made from his own parts which restored the sun.
Dinza: One of the Eleusian mysteries a dark demi Goddess of the Lost. Only the dead can enter her presence and those that do she often traps for eternity. Just beware Dinza isn't remotely trustworthy.
Little Girl: Mesketet is one of five enormously powerful beings which are linked to an embodiment of the ancient God Ra. Her energy was sucked out by the Beast.
Mashet: Skinless sabertooth tiger with snakey eyes and very creepy when the shades are removed. His heart was ripped open by the Beast and is one of the five.
Manjet AKA Manny: Another one of the five. He looks like a tourist. He wears a straw hat and a Hawaiin shirt. He is the Sacred Guardian of the Shan and Keeper of  Light. Off hours he likes to be called Manny and he likes to visit strip clubs. He says what he means. Cordy pulled a Lizzie Borden on him.
Ra-tet: Totems are symbolic manifestations which form together the Ra-tet. Their origins have been shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time. Only the totems themselves know their true purpose. A mystical order. Each totem representing a stage in Ra's journey across the sky. The midday totem is man, the neutral totem, the potential of every human soul. Well there's more to him than meets the eye. They are immortal unless they are ritually murdered.
Wu-pang: He's a shaman of the order of the Consundei a dark mystic. He is able to extract souls. He can also return them if they don't go missing. He puts Angel into a deep sleep leading up to that moment of bliss which rips his soul away. It was placed in a jar that Cordy stole.
Moi-ping: A receptacle that houses the soul. Willow was able to break it by using magick and was able to restore Angel's soul.
Svea Priestesses: Also known as the Svear. A mystical order all descendents of a powerful Nordic Priestess Svea. They banished the Beast. They were all slaughtered before they could banish it a second time. They were working on the good side and were working on the ritual when a murder happy Cordy came and butchered them all.
Soul Eater: It was buried by the Tuman a couple hundred years ago. The skull of the Soul Eater is a vital piece of the bogus spell. They do put up a fight and go for the throat. They are very, very fast and can kill you with a touch which sucks away the soul. Hack it to pieces since cutting off the head doesn't stop it from moving around.
Big Ugly: Horny head and very flabby with many chins. Has a hellspawn named Ashley who is a big fan of Angelus or so he says when he asks for an autograph. Actually he's kinda pathetic because he whined when Angelus stabbed his hand.
Francis: A lumpy one horned demon that is big with the chatter and claims to have Tourette's. Not big with the fighting. He also bruises easily. He can be easily beaten for info and oddly sounds kinda like Merl.
Strom: If you shoot it in the face it grows back. They suck out internal organs.
Orpheus: In the back room of a demon bar the humans shoot up, the vampires feed, use 'em like a filter. The effects can be quite intoxicating for both of them. A mystical drug that's bad news. When you get a super sized dose it puts you in a coma. It ties Angelus and Faith's minds together which gives Willow the time to work her mojo. Mystical opiate that's highly dangerous because it isn't entirely physical. It's an enchanted drug. The plus the biting makes for some serious psychedelia. The more you take the deeper you sink. It leads you down to Hell and leaves you there.

Jasmine: The offspring of Connor and Cordy. She bursts out of Cordy and after some waving tentacle things are seen briefly a bright light flashes and a beautiful woman appears. She captivates all who see her but if you touch her blood or Cordy's you see the maggoty face beneath. Having her sent Mom into a coma. She could also speak through people which was pretty darn creepy and was fluent in all languages and knew everyones names. Connor ended up killing her by putting his fist through her face and unlike the others he saw her true face all along and found her beautiful maggots and all.
Sphere Of Infinite Agonies: Every second's a lifetime. The threat of whipping one up is a great way to make someone talk. Should be able to whip one up in twenty minutes.
Creepy Little Green Thing: Lives underground. Has two flesh ropey things coming out of either side of his flat nose which look like giant boogers and he has freakishly large nostrils. It seemed harmless enough but it has a fondness for body parts and when that was revealed it attacked Fred and she chopped him down like a Cherry tree. Also said to have a bladder the size of a juju.
The Ones Who Love Truly: A sluggy slithery thing that skitters around and talks in the third person. They worshipped Jasmine first. Before you kind was my kind loved her. Stood stone on stone built the temple always making ready. But she came here. You name her you filthy little mouse. She is the Devourer, the song, the peace, the whole. You try to name her. It clicks and roars and is mentally unbalanced. On Love: Same as all bodies. Same as everywheres. Love is sacrifice. It also pins its victims to the wall and eviserates them and they have no clue about vampires. They are from other world, older world. Another dimension that doesn't agree with humans. Knows word that will reveal Jasmine's true appearance. Her true named. The High Priest keeps the name. The key is used to go to the dimension which is a blue orb thing which is activated with blood. It also repells the skittery things. The High Priest actually talks normal but in riddles. He is the Guardian of the Word, Caretaker of a most blessed temple. Her true name is known only by the Keeper. The Keeper will not be forthcoming only with its last breath will it divulge the true name of the Blessed Devourer. It is a big ugly thing and the name can't be spelled out in any sort of way.
Glorsarbeast: Fishhead thing with horns. They eat babies heads. They are working with Wolfram & Hart to stop eating babies. The clan respects someone who takes a strong opening position so Angel killing his appointment was in fact a good thing although he didn't realize it at the time.
Magnus Hainsley: One of Wolfram & Hart's oldest clients that brings in big bucks. He's a sorcerer big time. Rich with old money and older mojo. Owns a respectable block of shares in Wolfram & Hart and he's connected up the wazoo. Carries influence with power players in the entertainment industry, politics. He's a necromancer so he has power over the dead. He also had a creepy showroom of dead bodies for his clients to pick and choose from. He installs a demon in a human body. The average demon can't afford it. He eats the dead for breakfast and can dust a vamp without a stake. He never installed someone in a conscious body before until he tried to put Spike in Angel's body. He was killed by Angel but Spike decided to have a little fun before he was revealed when Angel decapitated him.
Unnamed: A demon looking for a human body. It has ears that stretched downwards and looks like it was dipped in oil. Chose a pretty girl to inhabit and has red glowy eyes.
The Amulet: It ties Spike to the law firm. A possible theory is to destroy it to release Spike's spirit since he is trapped between realms. It is protected and invulnerable to anything but the magick protecting it doesn't work on hallowed ground like a church or cemetery. Taken there and given a sharp blow. That idea was ultimately rejected by Spike which was a good thing because he was made solid not too long afterwards.
Canthropes Dextrus: A very rare breed of werewolf that has been undocumented in North America until now. They are bipeds so it walks upright. The canines are a little bigger than normal. They have very long arms. The first few transformations are the worst. The werewolf's strength combined with disorientation and the fear. They may bang their head against the walls, claw at their own skin, tranq's not good for the long haul. Some things to calm them: they like familiar scents, images. It's only three nights a month so the person's life doesn't have to change that much as long as they have a safe place to be locked up during the nights of the full moon.
Archduke Of Bassus: Bonified nobility for the fiery living down under. Commands over forty legions. He's the end of a pure bloodline of demonic royalty. Also the very peak of the A list. He's the crown jewel of the underworld jet set. If he comes to the party all the glitterati will follow. He was a big fan of Angelus and doesn't trust Angel at all but having his life saved changed his thinking. He likes the blood of his slave which he pours out from under his arm. It has a cork in it to preserve the freshness. This breed has blue blood which gives a whole new meaning to the term blue bloods. They enjoy a little blood sport at their social functions.
Artoad: One of the Archduke's minions. He wore a suit made from Pyleans that he skinned himself. He was not so sadly ripped apart when he was in the bathroom by Lorne's evil twin.
Devlin: A dork of demondom. Dressed up as a human for Halloween but was sadly killed during the Halloween party since his chips got seriously dipped. It is speculated that the mask was possibly made of human flesh.
Big Bad Lorne: A manifestation as a result of Lorne having his sleep removed so if you are thinking of having this procedure done forget about it. It is best to avoid especially if you happen to be an empath because it can get really ugly.
Aztec Warrior: Eats the hearts of heroes except for vampires. It wants the hearts for sustenance. It wants it for the meat not the metaphor. The heart's blood acts as supercharged rocket fuel, makes it invulnerable. Take its heart to stop it for the time being. Was one of the Aztecs most powerful warriors. He forged a mystical talisman that would harness the power of their Sun God make him supernova powerful. But he got found out was sentenced to die in the Aztec version of Day Of The Dead. He had their shaman put a curse on him to return from the dead every fifty years. Been doing it for centuries. Usually that'd be a bad thing but in his case it brings him back so he can keep searching for the talisman. It was given to a great hero in charge of protecting it. It's gold about the size of a quarter and has the sun and some other spooky mumbo carved into it.
Robocop Cyborgs: Cybernetics were found throughout the body and in most cases replacing entire organic systems. The nervous system seems human at least but the rest of the technology is so foreign to us. This thing really blurs the line between human and robot. They can feel pain as well as speak. They also like fighting with chains. The cybernetics require a central processing function which means we can crack its memory we may find a recording of everything its done until this point. And figure out what it wanted.
Vinji And Sarbens: Two demon clans that are very strange in their customs. One clan appears to be female and the other clan male. They talk by screeching and clicking. Don't say anything if you don't have a handle on their language. They have been battling each other because the wrong fork was used. Apparently gazing at a Vinji's ankles can lead to eye gouging. All of their etiquette goes along with a healthy dose of superstition. They think that poodles are wicked bad luck. Camel meat is considered a delicacy.
Selmanth Parasite: Slimy turtle thing with very sharp teeth. Its teeth injects an anasthetic. You'd never know you had it on you. It pumps neuro toxins into the body causing paralysis, hallucinations, fever dreams. If not caught in time it could leave you in a vegetative state.
Old Ones: The original demons. Before demon kind. They were all driven out of this dimension. The ones that were still alive. But long before that they were killing each other all the time and they don't die the way we do. You can locate them by asking for Texts that are forgotten, the oldest scrolls. You need to find the Deeper Well.
Deeper Well: In England, in the Cottswolds. That's the location to the inch. It will have a guardian, maybe several. The Deeper Well it's almost like a prison for the dead. If something gets out, its written it can be drawn back from the source. The Keeper of the Well is Drogyn and he has been doing it for decades. Questions are a big no no with him because he can't lie. However he seems to be fine with asking questions. He was killed by Angel when he was trying to prove himself worthy of the Black Thorn.