Warrior Babes The Second

Help Me!


Rebecca Morgan
Dead of a gunshot wound in the back of the head. Bullet in the neck: I'm guessing her death was execution style meaning she did something to someone to make them angry. Small caliber bullet probably a 22. Well from what you said there was no exit wound the bullet just lodged itself in her neck. I thought of another reason why there might not be an exit wound. Well you know the entry wound in her neck maybe that wasn't an entry wound maybe that was an exit wound. Well that would mean the bullet went through her mouth which makes it a suicide.
Status: Live and kicking and a Mom.

Samantha Block 6 years old
Died of smoke inhalation fire started on the fourth floor around 5:00. The firemen thought they'd cleared out the building she was hiding under the bed. Cotton fibers plastered on the epidermal. It's red and something else it's hard to tell.
Nick Kelly Fireman 28 years old
Saved a 12 year old boy smoke got to him. The victim has a broken ankle. Discoloration of the cheeks. Might indicate inhalation of a chemical compound. I'm guessing Dimethylbenzine. Gas explosion they must have ingested it from the smoke.
Andrew Webb
Found in his ex wife's house at about 10:30 with a bullet in the chest.
Murder Suspect: Harrison Davies
His wife
Kate Sanders
Adam Wittman And Jen Daluca
Mark Evans
Corporal Jake Blake 21
Mrs Johnson
Nicole Sims
Candace Aims
Michael Mancuso
Marissa Hatcher
Kevin Rafferty
Jackie Major
Jordan Davies
Michelle Carrie
Melissa Sumner 19
Jeffrey Pine

Carly Andrews
Chris Barrinson
Dr Frank Colvin Mid 40's
Nadine Casola
Harrison Davies

Kate Wilson Harbor Patrol Officer
She died answering a distress call in the bay. Kate Wilson responded to an SOS call at 3:07 p.m. Some college kids lost control of a boat called the Green Hornet. Would have been routine except for the White Squall. She drowned when a swell knocked her overboard. Lost consciousness when hypothermia set in. Fluid in her lungs no surprise there.
She was saved.
Thomas Burrell MD Psychiatrist
Shot in the back at the 4th St Market. A very unstable patient Donald Stewart Mitchell was out for his blood and anyone that got in his way.
Detective Gomez
She was killed by Donald to cover his tracks and blame Tru for yet another murder.
These two were also saved and a murderer was brought to justice.
Grace Varden
A coed that disappeared in 2002. Now the cops think she was a murder victim but there's no evidence of what became of her. Her body was never found. It turns out that Donald was her boyfriend and he's the one that killed her so the family is finally able to get some kind of closure.