Warrior Babes The Second

Angel Answers Five



      1. She offered him money.
      2. Stay out of dark alleys.
      3. In his lapel.
      4. They've got a lot less pointless.
      5. The one on the left.
      6. Champ
      7. Otter
      8. Cordy
      9. The Dixie Chicks
    10.  A garage full of them.
    11. Howser
    12. Spanking men
    13. In his son Matthew
    14. An evil Radio Shack
    15. No survivors. No witnesses.
    16. Charles Gunn
    17. Mercy
    18. Angel
    19. Thinking of everying in terms of a potential movie and the need to so get out more.
    20. His saving the world and him having a soul.
    21. Forty
    22. Grave robbing
    23. Percy
    24. Threw a spoon at him.
    25. Three weeks
    26. He eats the dead for breakfast.
    27. During business hours.
    28. Control
    29. A goer
    30. When he hit the table after that Spike got a few licks in.
    31. Share
    32. Fred
    33. Charles: Brain Boost, Angel, Fear, mistrust, great motorpool, Lorne: Nancy Sinatra collection original 45's, Wesley: a rather nice sterling pen with his name engraved on it.
    34. To kill the werewolf attacking the girl.
    35. Nina Ash
    36. That thing where he goes whoosh and isn't there.
    37. Amanda and Jill
    38. A Frankenstein
    39. A standard issue science nerd
    40. An equal opportunity saver
    41. The soul
    42. That she cares.
    43. Because some freaks wanted to dine on werewolf.
    44. Calendula
    45. Alive
    46. Fred and Spike
    47. At least six hours.
    48. Eight hundred thousand dollars
    49. Champion
    50. Bull
    51. Radioactive
    52. His poems
    53.  Once every hour.
    54. She pulled the glass out of her eye and slashed his cheek with it.
    55. A seance
    56. She spews blood on Fred's face and drops dead.
    57. Reaper
    58. Four
    59. The blood of a mass murdering psychopath.
    60. A whole lost of bruising.
    61. That he's worth saving.
    62. The fourth floor
    63. Wolfram & Hart wants to be up your alleay. That it's like a bus station pickup line.
    64. Grab a bagel.
    65. He smashes the mirror.
    66. Angel
    67. That knowing feeling.
    68. Stake out his territory which causes him to pee all over the place.
   69. Quantam Physics
   70. Mellow
   71. Blue, the armpit of his man servant.
   72. A ritual sacrifice
   73. A human being with a face possibly made from human flesh.
   74. Three sheets to the wind.
   75. It's dearly departed.
   76. Pyleans
   77. Raggedy Ann
   78. His sleep, took twenty minutes
   79. To get a room which led to them having sex in his office.
   80. On the toilet.
   81. Fred and Wes are drunk faced with little or no drinking. Charles peed on Wes's shoes and Spike is way too positive.
   82. Presumably
   83. Lorne's very large, ugly, evil twin.
   84. That's one bitching big suit.
   85. Push the button.
   86. That's fantastic.
   87. 5
   88. The blood of the person signing the contract.
   89. He throws him through a window.
   90. The Number Brothers
  91. As meat goes your heart is a dried up hunk of gnarly assed beef jerky.
  92. Hope
  93. He put it in the coffee.
  94. The English version of the Shanshu prophecy.
  95. Fred
  96. Roger
  97. It's like Winston Churchill and a younger Richard Harris had a beautiful love child.
  98. Robot
  99. That he was grown in some sort of green house for dandies.
100. 1963

101. Languages
102. Nine times
103. That it was just a robot and not really his father.
104. Having no control over your body and you get really nauseous.
105. That he liked him and thought they'd be the best of friends.
106. Haunts the place and annoys Angel.
107. A flash and he becomes solid.
108. That she's his destiny.
109. On the right side so she pulled a left biter.
110. It was gone the door opened up into a howling abyss which has a terrible sound.
111. Nevada, Death Valley
112. Red
113. Santa Cruz
114. That they're forever.
115. Angelus
116. Mountain Dew
117. Lindsey 
118. Everyone
119. 7:00 in the morning
120. Be your best
121. Under the dresser
122. Mrs Jacobi
123. Rudy
124. 529
125. Angel cuts his head off because he enjoyed dismembering virgins.
126. Terminating an employee
127. The Viper because Angel doesn't want him to have it.
128. To keep it simple.
129. A carb free zone
130. A camel
131. A very dead Tobias who was a Demon Activist.
132. Unicorns
133. Be disemboweled!
134. Forgive and forget
135. Danny, Lorne, Fred
136. She's a right biter.
137. Eight months
138. Tamika
139. An ever loving bitch.
140. Lindsey who pretends to be Doyle.
141. Gray areas
142. He gets really violent.
143. Like eating ice cream too fast.
144. Half-wit, retard, moron, stupid cow
145. Liver, kidneys, heart which is a dried up little walnut, string of pearls, raisines, license plate, goldfislh in a bowl which is Angel's soul.
146. Being "Doyle's" kept boy.
147. His shoes and socks.
148. The fairy made him a real boy.
149. The mail guy in a really bad outfit.
150. Pretty pictures that are sexy. 

151. Spike
152. The earrings
153 She didn't get her dose of Throroazine and using her super strength she did some killing.
154. She smeared it over her face.
155. Andrew
156. Romanian
157. A Vampire Slayer
158. He screamed in a manly way of course.
159. She hid under the bed.
160. In the basement.
161. Spike
162. Metallic sort of but taste a penny to get the effect.
163. She cuts off his hands.
164. He tried to rob a liquor store and the police shot him.
165. Three
166. Twelve
167. That Angel is right.
168. That there's hope for the little ponce yet.
169. Five
170. To jump dimensions.
171. That she looks really hot.
172. In a copier living on toner fluid.
173. So how was the coma?

174. Killing them.
175. The commercial she made with Doyle.
176. That she loved him.
177. Kickin' it old school.
178. Cryptic poetry
179. He bites her.
180. A gormless tit.
181. Lilah Junior
182. A demon
183. The bad guys
184. To put Angel back on track.
185. You lose it.
186. Get their sub.
187. Blac
188. Sam Lawson
189. Because he ate one.
190. Gunn, Fred, Wes were all tied up with wire around their necks standing on chairs.
191. The Christopher Medal
192. Captain
193. The Nazis started it but the Americans made it a reality case in point the Initiative.
194. Fritz
195. He stabbed Sam with a screwdriver.
196. Because he was the only one that could fix the sub and bring the others to safety.
197. Chief
198. Twenty miles
199. That he'd kill him and he apologized for turning him.
200. Tommy
201. The Joker
202. That she was going camping in the desert.
203. An entirely sexless shoulder to cry on.
204. 7:00 a.m.
205. 511 Windwood Circle
206. Smile Time
207. He got turned into an adorable puppet.
208. Shouldn't be here.
209. Stupid plastic piece of crap!
210. 12
211. He hid under his desk.
212. Courage and Pluck
213. Papa Smurf
214. Name calling
215. She tried to eat him.
216. The Math Song
217. She kisses him.
218. Like pancakes.
219. Figgenbaum

220. Hitting him with blunt instruments.
221. Because he was singing.
222. Secrets
223. Who would win in a fight cavement or astronaunts? Forty minutes
224. He shot him in the right kneecap.
225. Another him that gave him a beat down.
226. He pops her one.
227. Make like Carmen Miranda and die!
228. Four hours
229. Liking splotchy girls.
230. To hold his hand.
231. To kill him.
232. Millions of years
233. Tens of thousands
234. Since he's known her maybe before.
235. Wesley why can't I stay?
236. The blade breaks off.
237. Little bottles of Jack
238. Torture
239. The soul
240. In the Himalayas via the astral projection.
241. She tosses him out the window.
242. Tearing things up
243.  Rick Springfield
244. Stabbed him
245. Screams, various fluids, and a name.
246. Wes shot him.
247. The stone from the sarcaphogus
248. Spike
249. Beer

250. Underneath
251. Happy Hour
252. He always knows where he is.
253. Lindsey
254. The car driving by itself.
255. The world with nothing but shrimp.
256. The non frying variety.
257. Trish and Zack
258. He put his fist through his chest.
259. In the cellar
260. Lindsey's
261. Gunn put the necklace on and took Lindsey's place.
262. Because she loses her immortality and the other perks that came with the job.
263. Marcus Hamilton
264. A petrie dish
265. Connor
266. Dried scropions
267. In the face.
268. He's no little girl and they won't be making love on the couch.
269. 500
270. Having a thing for older women.
271. Stanford
272. All that he found.
273. Cybersvale
274. Because Cybersvale wanted Sahjean killed.
275. That it smells like a retirement home.
276. Offers him three wishes just to mess with him.
277. Wesley
278. Cranky
279. To lighten up.
280. Illyira comes and puts the necklace on the S & M Demon.
281. Apologizing to Gunn for stabbing him.
282. Pure unalderterated vertigo.
283. He loved the bird.
284. That's where he keeps his full strength crazy.
285. Eight
286. Her betrayer
287. Not making deals.

288. Because she was promised that he would be well taken care of and that her husband would be cured.
289. The fake life upstairs.
290. Cancer
291. A ritual sacrifice
292. Two hours
293. Motivated go-getters.
294. Spike, Wes, Lorne, Angel
295. An insane construct
296. It's not murder if you say yes.
297. A force of nature.
298. A glorified garbage collector.
299. Because Buffy's there and possibly in need of saving.
300. The vampire constituition.
301. 1894
302. 1594
303. The song of the green
304. The sass
305. Andrew crashing at Buffy and Dawn's place.
306. The Immortal which includes snuggling on the couch.
307. 150 years
308. Hold her under the water.
309. Nuns
310. Just the head.

311. Roger and Trish Burkle
312. She pretends to be Fred.
313. The forever love.
314. A moped
315. Taking a nap.
316. Spike's jacket
317. A bomb
318. His jacket
319. Eleven
320. Andrew
321. On Angel's desk back in LA
322. It sickens him.
323. Angel
324. The ability to look like Fred.
325. Virgin
326. Funville
327. To make Mike Conley a pedophile using brainwashing techniques.
328. Racket ball
329. Leona Hemsley
330. Aragorn
331. 1000 years
332. Playing video games
333. Lorne
334. Corrupt
335. Lying
336. In a pleasant cave
337. A soul club for piartes
338. On the chest right above the heart.
339. Six minutes
340. A one shot vision telling him where the real power is.
341. Spike
342. One big happy Manson family.
343. Secrets
344. Intriguingly unstable
345. Harmony
346. The keys to the kingdom if he teams up with him.
347. Big brass testies.
348. To seperate truth from illusion.
349. He's a big hit.
350. A vase
351. The Carol Burnett Show
352. Deny him three times.
353. Boinking Marcus and spilling secrets.
354. Try not to die. You are no unpleasant to my eyes.
355. Three
356. Fires her and since he was expecting it gave her a recommendation.
357. That he craps better magick.
358. He throws an axe and gets her right between the eyes.
359. He kills Lindsey.
360. Because he was dying and wanted to be in the arms of the one he loves.
361. He had a drink which gave him that added boost to finish the job.
362. Angel
363. Grief for Wes's death.
364. Ten minutes at best.
365. The dragon.